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College Is Hard – Let Me Make It Easier!

Hey yall! Welcome to My Drifting Desk. My name is Marissa and I am a college blogger and a sophomore at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio studying Psychology and Business while on a Pre-Law track.

I love:

  • My rescue pup, Remi
  • Shopping for organizational things
  • Planners!!
  • Blogging, duh.

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College

I started My Drifting Desk after winter break freshman year right after I got my new MacBook Air because I felt like this could be a wonderful outlet for me to express myself and help others.

I can’t wait for you to venture through my site and find tips to help you conquer college, DIY crafts for your dorm room and life as a college student, make-up solutions on a college budget, and extra little things along the way! I hope you enjoy your stay here and come back to visit often!


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