How I Got Started

I started this blog after my first semester in college because prior to starting I searched all over Pinterest-the best site ever-for ideas on how to live in a dorm room, eat off of a meal plan, live with a roommate, and literally anything else imaginable with a connection to college living. I wanted to know what I was getting myself into. I came across countless blogs that wrote on some of the things I had questions about but I never found one that gave me everything I wanted! Throughout my first semester I still looked to blogs for help with finals, 8ams, papers, etc. when I finally realized I should start my own blog.

I decided I wanted to become a site that could be there for someone else. Become a site that had everything all in one! I wanted to offer a wide variety of things such as cheerleading, DIY projects, make-up tips, helpful tips to make it through certain areas of college, all the way to funny stories about my own experiences and life outside of college, budgeting, time management, organization tips, along with anything else. I wanted to be that one-stop-shop for a typical young adults in or out of college.

This blog has since then been a great outlet for me through college and I love being able to help people by sharing my experiences along the way. I hope this site is everything you are looking for all in one and can be of use to you through your transition from high-school to the, not so scary, adult world.