My May Playlist

Hey yall! This month Is the official start of Summer, well for me at least. I know some colleges are just finishing up, and high-schools are still going until late May and early June, but I AM DONE! Summer is like the season of music, I swear. When Summer rolls around you hear music everywhere, … More My May Playlist

Because of You

Do you remember all those times you would fight with me about my past. Saying “That stuff doesn’t matter anymore, let it go!” or “I didn’t do those things to you, why should I get punished for them!?”. I remember crying after we were done arguing because I knew you would never understand. I tried … More Because of You

The Best of 2016

Hey yall! With 2016 winding down I wanted to look back and reflect on some of My Drifting Desk’s top posts and videos from 2016! The views that these posts and videos have gotten are MIND BLOWING to say the least. I never thought I would be getting this much traffic on my posts and videos … More The Best of 2016