Monthly Rewind | November 2017

Okay so here’s the breakdown. This is the series where I rewind and reflect on the month that just passed to recognize the good, the bad, and the things I should be thankful for! Here’s to another month!



Do yall remember back in September when I was featured in 1870 Magazine‘s cover and throughout the magazine with that photoshoot I did?! Wasn’t that amazing?! Well, I got the chance to be inside the magazine again this month in their Street Style portion of the magazine. I got to get all dressed up in my favorite Fall clothes and shared inside of the magazine where I got my clothes from and how much everything was. It was fun and I love opening the magazine and seeing myself inside! It’s just so cool!

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. Monthly Rewind | November 2017


AOII had their Date Party this month and it was soooo much fun! This was my first *official* event with AOII that most of the chapter was apart of. Because last month I played in a Volleyball tournament with some of the girls but there was only 5-6 of us. For Date Parties you are supposed to bring a date (duh) but since I had never been to one before I was scared to bring a date because I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t want to bring someone else blindly into something I had no idea about. But looking back I should have because mostly everyone else did, oh well! I still had tons of fun with some of the girls in my pledge class and of course with my big. We got all dressed up and bussed out to the location and danced and just had fun! I can’t wait for more of these events with my sisters!

I know we were on a string of happy things this month but of course I have to sprinkle some bad news in here, it’s inevitable. This month someone hacked into my Debit Card and so my card got shut down because of fraudulent activity and my funds were frozen until I got a new card, ugh. I know this happens so frequently but I thought my credit card would get hacked before my debit card. Apparently someone was testing my card out in Arizona buying hotel rooms and Huntington noticed and tried texting me to see if these purchases were made by me. I thought the texts were a little fishy so I didn’t text back, but in the morning I woke up to an e-mail from Huntington about the fraudulent purchases and instructed me to go to a Huntington branch to figure it out.

So I went in and figured it out and canceled my card and ordered a new one. Thank goodness for Huntington for catching this and not allowing the purchases to go through so I didn’t get all of my money taken, but it was still a little scary because this person was using my card WITH the pin (which I have no idea how they got) so I am a little uncomfortable thinking how someone in Arizona got my information but at least it is all taken care of now.

AOII’s philanthropy that we work to raise money for every year is arthritis and this year we held, for the first time, an AOPierogi event where we made and sold piergoies on campus to raise money and awareness for the Arthritis Foundation. I thought it would be a fun thing to VLOG for my channel so I asked my sisters to join in with me and help out and film some of their shifts for a giant VLOG of the 6pm-3am Pierogi event! I didn’t get as many videos as I would have liked for a giant VLOG but I got enough to make a cute video! I know my sisters will realize how much I VLOG and how to film themselves soon enough, haha!

It was a fun event to be apart of! It was a freezing night and we just stood outside trying to get people to come to our table and buy Piergoies. We had music playing, and lots of *ugly* dancing going on. I couldn’t imagine working the actual over night shift because it was freezing during my 10:00pm-11:00pm shift already, imagine 3:00am! But I’m sure it was fun talking to everyone coming home from the bars!

PS – I’m sorry I keep talking about AOII but they have taken over my life, but I’m okay with that!

This month I also got to exchange Hearts with my Secret Heart Sister and exchange Paddles and Pandas with my big! I spent about 3-4 hours on my paddle for my big and I like how it turned out but of course after I finished it I thought of cuter ways to do it! UGH! I also painted the cutest heart for my Secret Heart Sister Allison that also took me a while because our infinity rose is a hard one to draw proportionally! My big painted me the cutest Panda with a cheerleader on the front and some sayings in pink on the back and I LOVE it! But I don’t know how to display the panda so I can see both sides?! It’s either one side or the other! So sad.

Another AOII related thing happened….after my initiation we held some elections for positions still available and I got nominated for our Historian position and the chapter voted and voted me into the position! So I get to take pictures and videos of the chapter at events and just being sisters and work on our scrapbook, hanging pictures around the house, and working on our composite for the year! I am super excited because I love to take pictures (and videos) as yall know, and now I get to do that for my beautiful sisters and I couldn’t be more honored and humbled to help serve this chapter.


OSU had their last home game for this season so our last home game was senior night and I go to go, for a short while, before I had to leave. I went to block with one of my pledge class sisters, Rachael, and we walked to the game together with some other AOII sisters. I was able to sit in section A, which is normally reserved for seniors so I had AMAZING seats! The game was already a blow out by the first quarter but I was so excited to be there! Right before halftime I had to leave though because my BCS teams were having their annual team sleepovers I had to be at! Thankfully I left right before it started POURING! So I missed sitting in the rain, thank goodness.

Like I just said, I had to leave the OSU game early to make it to my BCS team sleepovers. Both of my teams were having their parties on the same night so I had to go back and forth to each house to hang out with both teams. My mini team had each person bring in a couple of items to donate to the local homeless shelter and then we turned it into a craft and we decorated the baggies that we filled items with to give to those at the shelter. The girls were super excited to help out and do something for the community and I was happy they were doing something for someone else during their team sleepover. My junior team also had a community activity where they made cards for the holidays for those in the retirement homes and we sent in a giant board with our team picture and everyone’s signatures in for the home as a whole. I am so proud of my girls for doing something great for someone else. It is the season of giving!

I finallllllly hung up some stuff in my room and started to make it feel like home! It’s been 5 months. I am 5 months late on a house tour video, I am so sorry yall! But I hung up all of my new AOII stuff and I got some photos printed from Printiki and hung them up in my room as well! I am so happy with how it looks! It finally looks like home and I love being in my room now. I am surrounded by the people who make me happy and support me and some of my best friends and I love seeing them in my room daily. I do want to say I loved printing from Printiki and when I checked out they gave me a code to give to yall for free shipping! So if yall need a pick me up in your room, print out some of your besties and enjoy free shipping at with my code: XWRDY8Y!

My AOII sisters love that I have my blog and youtube channel so they asked me to help them film and edit their sisterhood video that we share during recruitment for our potential new members. I am so humbled that they asked me to help and I am so excited to help because I love being involved with AOII as much as possible! The other day we filmed some of my sisters playing with chalk outside, and some shots of our beautiful home, and we also got dressed up in OSU gear and did some shots around campus for OSU. We will be doing more shoots later on in the week and I am really excited to see how it turns out! I am nervous and hope my sisters love the video! I am no pro, and I have never done a sorority video, so we’ll see how this goes!


See you next month!


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