How I Juggle Having 4 Jobs as a Full Time College Student

Hey yall!

I don’t know of many college students who don’t have jobs. A lot of us do simply because we are broke but try to live the lives of a not financially struggling 20-something year old. With that being said many of our time management skills are still being developed, seeing we are fresh out of high school and being on our own for the first time really.

I can speak for myself when I say it is all about your dedication, motivation, and time management skills. I am currently working 4 jobs and taking 15 credit hours of classes at The Ohio State University. How do I do it you ask? Let me tell you…

First of all, I want to say how important it is to have a job you truly enjoy. I know you’ve heard the old saying “If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life” and I can attest to its validity. I know many of you are reading this right now thinking “Holy shit!! How can she be working 4 jobs and staying sane?!” That’s because I am doing things I truly enjoy and to me, it isn’t like I’m working at all.

To break it down for you, for one of my jobs I am working as a cheerleading coach at a gym here in Columbus. I have been competitively cheerleading since I was 5 years old. It is my absolute passion and I would still be cheering if I could. But since I cannot, I have chosen to coach instead. But because my love for cheerleading is so strong I don’t mind going to work, in fact, I LOVE IT! I look forward to seeing my teams and working on our routines every week. And because of that, working there isn’t a hassle or seen as a stressor to me.


My second job is what I’m doing now. My Drifting Desk has become a job for me. As of right now I am not able to be working full time with it, my income through this is still growing. But I am making money from blogging and creating content on Youtube. Do I enjoy doing this? HELL YEAH! This is one of those jobs that I could quit at any moment, just because. But I stick around and continue to blog and vlog for yall because I genuinely enjoy sharing my life with all of you in hopes of helping yall conquer college.


My Drifting Desk has recently opened a new door for me by getting me noticed by a magazine company here in Columbus called 1870 Magazine. They found me on Youtube and asked me to join their team as their digital editor and now I am freelance writing for their blog and magazine as well as appearing inside the magazine in photoshoots! I am so excited to be professionally doing what I’ve been doing all along here on My Drifting Desk. So, of course I enjoy this job as well!

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. Monthly Rewind | August 2017.

My 4th and last job is a 1 night a week job at Target. Many of you know I got this job over the Summer to make some extra cash in my savings, which I did successfully, but once school started I didn’t want to leave all my friends I made there. Of course Target isn’t the most exciting job out of my 4 but I enjoyed it. The people I worked with were so kind and fun to be around at 6 in the morning. So I decided to stay on for 1 night a week to help out around the store.

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. Monthly Rewind | June 2017

I think the key to my 4 jobs is that 2 of them are leisurely, meaning i can do them whenever I want to and as frequently as I’d like to, within reason of course. I don’t have a specific time I have to go to the office and type up blog posts. I can do that whenever I find time. If you are subscribed to me on Youtube you can see I don’t post every week or anything, I usually just post when there is something to post about. Meaning I don’t have a strict schedule to those 2 jobs.

Target and Cheerleading on the other hand are strict hourly jobs that I am required to be at whenever I am scheduled. With these 2 jobs I have to schedule my other events around these and make sure I have time to get school work and now Sorority work done around these jobs because these are not changeable. To be honest, I couldn’t juggle having 4 hourly working jobs AND be a full time student. There is no way. But I am lucky to have 2 jobs I can work at my own pace with and 2 jobs I can count on for consistent hours and pay which compliment each other.

Whew, enough about me now. I hope you get the big picture I was trying to show you through all of that: Choose a Job You Enjoy and Never Work a Day in Your Life! My #1 tip for juggling your work load with your class load is to find a job (or two) that you genuinely enjoy and wouldn’t mind going to throughout the week. This will help it not become another chore for you to do, but something you look forward going to throughout the week.

I do understand that not all of us have the luxury of having a job we genuinely enjoy because sometimes we have to take what we can get and pay the bills, which is very valid. My advice for those of you in this situation is to make going to your dreadful job not so dreadful. As a psychology major I cannot stress to you how powerful your mind is. Don’t look at your job as a chore you HAVE to do. Turn the negative things into positives. Find the small things to like about your job. Put a smile on your face anyways and see how much your days at work will improve just by going in with a good attitude.

Another way to juggle having a job you might not like with your class load is to plan accordingly. Really stay on top of your weekly schedules, your due dates, and allocating time to get everything done. Don’t just wait until you have time to work on something. Plan your time strategically to sleep, eat, shower, study, go to class, work out, go to work, and do homework. If you allocate your time then you will have the time to get things done.

I know being an adult sucks sometimes, but learning how to juggle being a student and having a job now will help you in the long run when you have to be a mother, wife, husband, partner, and working a full time job. Good luck!


♥ Marissa


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