Honey I’m Home! | Joining a Sorority

Hey yall!

Something really exciting has happened and of course I wanted to share it with all of you! I joined a sorority this semester! Ahhh, I KNOW! I am so incredibly excited! I’ve wanted to join a sorority since freshman year but because of my toxic relationship I was in my first two years I was prohibited from doing so. But since I am out of that, I thought it is always better late than never! So, I joined as a junior.

I am so humbled to say I have joined Alpha Omicron Pi here at The Ohio State University. I went through the informal recruitment process which happens in the Fall here at OSU seeing as I was a third year. (If you’d like more information on the informal recruitment process definitely let me know and I can write a separate post on that). AOII stuck out to me as being all about sisterhood and the connections you make in your sorority rather than the social aspects of being in a sorority so I was very excited when they reached out to me about learning more about their chapter.


I have been apart of AOII for almost a month now and even in this short amount of time I have felt so welcomed, accepted, loved, and right where I’m supposed to be. All of the girls in the house are so nice and genuine I love being around them. I really have found my home here at AOII. I also have found my own family with my Big and my Twin! These girls lift me up and make me feel so loved I can’t describe it. This is what I’ve been looking for since I came to college. I am upset it took me this long to finally find it, but I know everything happens for a reason and I will make the most out of it in the next two years here with AOII.


I have already played in a philanthropy volleyball tournament with Gamma Phi Beta, attended a S’more social with Phi Kappa Tau, and had soooo much fun at our Date Party! In such a short amount of time I have had so much fun and made so many friendships I can’t wait for what else is to come!

Of course, there will be more posts and videos to come about my life with AOII because that’s what I do, but I wanted to have an introductory post to my life with AOII and to let yall know of this awesome opportunity I’ve been given here at OSU!

♥ Marissa


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