What Clothes to Bring With You to College + What to Leave at Home

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I noticed that I have a lot of clothes. Most of which I don’t even wear. They just sit there taking up space in my dresser and closet staring at me. Packing my clothes for college was always hard because I have so much and even though I know I don’t wear most of it, I can’t bring myself to get rid of any of it.

But I think after 2 years of dorm room living I’ve learned a few things about how to pack your clothes efficiently and what exactly you should bring and what you should leave at home.

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What to Bring

Brings TONS of underwear, sports bras, bras, and socks. That will be the #1 thing you go through in college. You want to hold off doing laundry for as long as possible and usually you end up having to do it because you’re out of underwear. So stock up on some extras.

Invest in some good walking shoes!!!!!!!! You will be doing lots of walking on campus and you need comfy shoes to do it in. I wear Nike Roshes because they are super comfy for me and I love them.


When you initially move into the dorms it will be fall so bring some rain boots, an umbrella, and a light jacket. You want to make sure you are dressed for the elements of the season you are in! I bought my rain boots off of Amazon for $45 and they work AWESOME!

When dressing for your classes think realistically about what classes you will be taking and at what time those classes will be at. If you are taking any science classes then your apparel has some limitations to it. If you have 8am classes then you probably won’t be dressing super cute for the day. Bring clothes you KNOW you will wear. I suggest going through your closet and doing some hard purging on the items you don’t wear or won’t wear, and be serious with yourself. Don’t keep something because you think you might wear it, only bring it with you if you know you will wear it.

Know your style and stick to it. I am a t-shirt and legging kind of girl. So I didn’t bring much ‘real’ clothes with me to college. I stuck to a HUGE pile of t-shirts and only like 15 ‘real’ shirts because I knew I wouldn’t wear them anyways, plus I schedule 8am classes and I am not waking up any earlier than I need to so I can try and be cute. Nope.

If you want to bring professional clothing I would stick to only a couple of articles. Make your color palette as neutral as possible so you can mix and match the different articles of clothing to make multiple outfits.

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My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. Monthly Rewind | June 2017

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Bring a couple of hoodies/sweatshirts + lounge clothes because you will be doing a whole lot of nothing in college and you need comfy clothes to do it in.

I really love the concept of a capsule wardrobe because it forces you to condense your wardrobe to a minimal amount of clothing and allows you to mix and match everything to make tons of outfits with. I am currently working on turning my wardrobe into a capsule one because I think it would be beneficial for me.

Everyone loves a nice flannel, plus it’ll be fall come move in time, so flannels are perfect. Bring at least 1-2 that you can dress up or tie around your waist for a casual outfit.

You will most likely be doing some partying in college, everyone does it so don’t deny it. Make sure you bring some cute outfits to go out in! A cute skirt, black jeans, cute body suits, and of course the jewelry to match!

What to Leave at Home

High heeled shoes! Unless you are a pro at walking in heels, don’t wear them. You do too much walking on campus to be wearing heels while doing it. If you absolutely need to, bring only one pair for interviews or presentations, and that’s it.

You have very minimal space in your dorm room, so don’t fill it up with things you don’t need at this second. Don’t bring your winter clothes with you because you won’t be wearing them for another 4 months. You can switch out your wardrobe over Thanksgiving break.

You are not in high school anymore, you are not a senior anymore, do not bring your class shirt with you to college. Nothing screams FRESHMAN like a senior class shirt for the current year.

Don’t waste space by bringing clothes that no longer fit. Don’t bring them thinking you’ll lose/gain wait to fit into them, because you most likely won’t. But if you do, you can always go home and switch out your clothes for the old stuff.

Leave your high school jerseys, jackets, and uniforms at home. Again, nothing screams FRESHMAN like too much high school memorabilia. Leave those days in the past. Pack all that old stuff up and leave it in your room back home. Of course you want to keep it, but there’s no need for it in your college dorm room.


Now you know what to bring and what not to bring with you to college. Happy packing!

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College


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