Monthly Rewind | July 2017

Hey yall!

I have started a new blog series to give yall a better look into my life outside of college and get to know me personally. At the end of every month I will have a monthly rewind where I recap on things that happened over the past month and just keep yall updated on things happening in my life.

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So this month was a lot of cheerleading at first. I ran a Back Handspring Bootcamp for the week at Buckeye where I got to teach girls the fundamentals of a back handspring then have them working them towards the end of the camp. We had tons of fun because we also played tons on games, had water day where we went outside and played on the slip n slide, and we enjoyed snack time together. I also ran another summer camp called Learn How to Cheer Camp where I was able to teach the girls the fundamentals of cheerleading like stunting, motions, jumps, tumbling, cheers, chants, and dancing. It was tons of fun! I taught the girls a cheer and a chant, we stunted and tumbled a lot and we played lots of cheerleading games with our motions and jumps. At the end of the week we had a performance for the parents of our cheer, chant, stunts, and tumbling and the parents were very impressed! The girls had tons of fun and so did I.

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. Monthly Rewind | July 2017

My cheerleading teams that I coach, BCS, had their first annual summer picnic at the beginning of the month and it was tons of fun to see everyone again and have fun together. I hadn’t seen some of these girls since March when our season ended so it was great to get everyone back together and get pumped for the new season coming up. I told them their new team names and they screamed so loud, they loved them! These girls definitely have my heart.

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. Monthly Rewind | July 2017

This month at Target we finally finished our 15 week long renovations, but we were still working on our brand new Starbucks and while they were still putting the finishing touches on it and training the new employees Target employees got FREE STARBUCKS for 2 days so that we could help them learn how to make new drinks and get some experience before dealing with guests. I got at least 5 a day, of course I took advantage of that. It was probably the highlight of the month, honestly.

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My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. Monthly Rewind | July 2017

I also became a plant mom this month. I went to a local plant shop near my apartment called Bear Roots and purchased these beauties, plus that cute little cactus sign! It’s hilariously punny (get it). The pineapple container on the right is the one I bought from the Target Dollar Spot for $5.00 and I just planted the plants in it! It looks GREAT with my room, adding some green to my gold, black, and white.

My roommate and I had to move…..again. I literally feel like we just moved into our summer sublease and we already had to move out. This time we got a bigger Uhaul to fit everything in, and we parked it correctly (if you don’t get this then make sure you go watch our summer sublease move in day VLOG). The worst thing about this move is that we have to move out on the 31st but we weren’t originally able to move into our school year house until August 15th. WHAT?! I know. That’s 15 days that we’re homeless. So we contacted our landlord and he said the earliest he could get us in is on the 5th. so we’re homeless for 6 days, which is still bad, but better than 15 days. So we are staying in a hotel for the week and all of our stuff is being stored in our landlord’s warehouse until we can move in. It’s been…interesting. We had to find a hotel that was pet friendly because we both have cats, so let’s just say it’s costing us a pretty penny to be homeless for a week. But on Saturday we’ll be moving into our school year house so be on the lookout for another move in day VLOG from us! It’ll be fun because there will be 5 of us moving into this house, so it’s gunna be a whole lot going on at once!

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My roommate and I paid $12 to eat food basically at the Ohio State Fair. We didn’t ride any rides or do anything else but go in there to eat a bucket of fries (which you can see on my Instagram), a GIANT elephant ear, dippin’ dots, soft serve ice cream, deep fried cookie dough, and some freshly squeezed lemonade. All of which were delicious. We’re just two girls that love food.

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. Monthly Rewind | July 2017

So there’s my July. It was tons of fun, but school is almost here! Be sure yall have checked out my College Move In Series to make sure yall are prepared for move in day coming up VERY SOON! It’s going to be here before you know it! I’m so excited to get back to school because I’m one of those weirdos that loves school, at least that’s what my roommates say. BUT WHO CARES!

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I hope yall love getting little peaks into my daily and personal life with these monthly rewinds! Check back in next month to see what else is going on!

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College


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