Dorm Room Shopping at Target

Hey yall!

So, I got hired in at Target this Summer in the beginning of June and it has been AMAZING! I am already obsessed with Target because, well it’s Target! They have awesome stuff and amazing deals. My favorite thing is the Dollar Spot. I always find the coolest stuff in there! And of course,  I am obsessed with their Back 2 School collection for dorm rooms! That is what I am here doing for yall now, getting yall ready for college from Target!

One thing I must mention is that I work opening shifts at Target, so that means 6am-2:30pm every day. It’s tiring of course, but one good thing is that from 6-8am when the store is still closed we have to make sure we are ready and stocked for the day. These past couple of weeks I have been helping set up their Back 2 School and On To College areas and that has been my favorite part of working there. I get to get a sneak peek at everything we have and plan out what I’m going to spend my entire paycheck on (even though I told myself that I wouldn’t spend all my Target checks at Target).

I’m going to give you the Target tour of my Target that I work at and share with yall all my fav stuff we have this year for school supplies, dorm room stuff, and college apartment stuff!

Bullseye’s Playground


So Bullseye’s Playground is the official name of the Target Dollar Spot. Everything in this area is between $1.00-$5.00 and they have TONS of good stuff. Pictured here is perfect stuff for your dorm room such as jewelry organizers, makeup organizers, shower caddies, lamps, hangers, accessory hangers, bedside storage, and storage bins. As you can see our color scheme is a little more girly which is kind of disappointing because guys want sweet deals too! But everyone definitely needs a shower caddy, so why not get one for $5.00? The space savers for jewelry, makeup, and bedside storage are perfect for those tiny dorm rooms!

I bought the acrylic makeup organizer for my lipsticks, and the pink plastic shower caddy and I love them!


There’s also some cute cups with sayings on them, more storage bins, lap desks, and dry erasable tape to decorate with while being functional! There’s matching piggy banks with sayings on them, and cork board shapes for your endless amounts of sticky notes. I bought the money piggy bank in pink, and the little mason jars for my desk accessories.

The Dollar Spot also has some desk stuff and stationary items for school like these magazine holders that I turned sideways and stacked to make shelves (pictured left), and the second shelf pictured is actually a locker shelf in pink that I used to separate and store my hair stuff (pictured right).

The Dollar Spot also has notebooks, sticky notes, paper clips, stickers, clip boards, and binders GALORE and they are all super adorable.

School Supplies


This section was a PAIN to set up, there are so many items and so many little cubbies for stuff to go in. But the end result is BEAUTIFUL! All of our Back 2 School Supplies are in our seasonal section and the color coordinating is glorious.

I went school supply shopping earlier this month right after we got the section set up and I bought 5 folders in different colors and 5 color corresponding notebooks to match for the 5 classes I’m taking this semester. Now they’re all matchy and I feel so organized. I also bought my all time favorite pens, the G2 Pilot Gel Pens, and some new ball point colored pens for note taking. Target also has a huge selection of Agendas for the school year and I picked a small sized Day Designer planner in gold + white because the layout is an hourly layout with each day getting their own page, which I love!

On To College


Right next to the school supplies is our On To College section which features appliances, furniture, storage, decorations, literally anything you’ll need! I actually just set this section up at work yesterday, so it is still getting some work done to it and getting filled out.

Our On To College section is filled with closet organizers, hangers, cube furniture, desks, baskets, storage bins, as well as command hooks to help you hang everything up and get those finishing touches onto your dorm room. My favorite things are the cube shelving units, I don’t know why I love those, but they are such a cute accent to your dorm room and it is great storage!


While you’re shopping for school supplies and dorm room stuff don’t forget about the little things that people sometimes forget about! I already stressed the importance of a shower caddy but don’t forget about towels, hand towels, wash cloths, etc. as well. Most dorm rooms will have communal bathrooms so there is no need for a curtain or mat, but if your dorm has it’s own bathroom then getting a curtain and a bath mat is a good idea because ew, gross.

Don’t forget about bedding!!! And be sure to get a TWIN XL size for those dorm beds! Target has really cute color schemes and prints to make your room POP with color! These fancy sheets have pockets in them to help store little things like your phone and remote at night in your dorm bed. This would be great if you are in a bunked bed or lofted bed where you can’t have an end table!


And while we’re talking bedding don’t forget about a mattress topper and pad! Those dorm beds aren’t comfy so getting a mattress pad makes things extra fluffy and then a mattress topper keeps everything in place and adds extra cushion as well. I was very thankful I got both in the dorms because my friends who didn’t have one loved how comfy my bed was!

College Apartment


This is my personal favorite because I will actually be living in a college house for the next two years so now I can shop for house and apartment stuff instead of dorm room stuff! Let me tell you, I am super excited! Target has super cute chairs, ottomans, storage bins, lamps, desks, throw pillows, the whole shebang!

Those plastic wicker baskets are my favorite things. They have all sorts of colors and they look so good in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, anywhere! I put bath stuff in them, hair stuff, craft stuff, school supplies, you name it, it’s been in one.

Target’s pillow selection is on point! I love all of the prints and colors they have! Those arm rest pillows are sooooo comfy. I have the gray one! If you are living in a house or apartment don’t forget to go shopping for appliances such as microwaves, toasters, blenders, and utensils like cooking spoons, spatulas, cups, bowls, plates, pots, pans, etc. for your kitchen! Target has all of that covered as well! I love their color coded eating stuff because you could buy all your plates, cups, and bowls in the same color so you know which ones are yours and that way you and your roommates can watch who needs to do their dishes at the end of the week!


Ottomans are my new obsession and I really want one! They are cute and multifunctional! Perfect for a dorm room or apartment! These smaller ones would work great as extra seating in your dorm + extra storage for scarves, socks, or hair stuff! I want a larger and longer one for my house, so we’ll see if I can get my hands on one!


One last thing I wanted to mention about Target is their Cartwheel app! It is a free app that tells you about current deals going on! It has a scanner that you can scan your item in the store and it’ll pop up and tell you if it is on sale, on clearance, or if there is a special going on for that item! Also, some of our deals we have at Target are only redeemable with a code from your Cartwheel app, so be sure to download it before your trip to Target!

If you want to save even more money consider applying for a Target REDCard! You can get one in credit card form or debit card form! The application does take about 7-10 days to process so be sure to apply early before you want to go so you have time to hear back on your status and to get your card in the mail. The REDCard gets you 5% off every time you shop!


Let me know what yall are excited about at Target! Happy shopping!

♥ Marissa

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  1. ashnouterspace says:

    Hi! I absolutely loved this post! I’m a college student who’s still living at home, but I really liked your organization ideas. The locker shelf and magazine holders used as a shelf are something I never would’ve thought of! I’ve been looking for something to do with all my cosmetics items, and I may just have to use those ideas! I love when Target has all of their school stuff out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marissa says:

      Yay! I’m so glad my post could you some ideas for storage! And Target is one of my favorite places to shop at! haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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