What to Expect Living On Campus

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At Ohio State you have to live on campus your first too years so this year I am finally able to live off campus! I am very excited to be leasing a house close to campus with 4 of my good friends! But I will definitely miss living on campus because they had their perks.

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Living on campus was fun because you got to live in the dorms, and who doesn’t love that?! I mean the dorms were convenient because they were on campus and so I was close to all of my classes and didn’t have to pay to park, find a meter, etc. I just got up, got dressed and left for class. Living in a dorm hall is great because you get to live with other college peeps that will become your best friends. You get the help of an RA, HD, and AHD to help you through your first 1-2 years on campus. They can be AMAZING resources for you while you’re learning the ropes and learning the campus.

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The dorms can be bad if you aren’t used to sharing with other people. You will have to share a room, to sleep, eat, relax, and study in. One room with up to 4 people in it. It can get crazy crowded. You will also have to share a communal bathroom that either you and your 4 roommates share or one that the entire floor shares. This was my least favorite part because the girls on my floor weren’t clean AT ALL. They always left the bathrooms a mess and I hated walking in there. Your RA should nip that stuff in the bud, but my RA didn’t. Hopefully you don’t have to deal with that. But often times I would have to wait in line to shower, see girls brushing their teeth in their bras and underwear, use a stinky bathroom with water all over the floors, and unwrapped tampons or sanitary pads in the trash cans, ew.

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I loved living with my best friend freshman year! We had so much fun together and we got along great! But my second year was a little different because I roomed with a random roommate. We didn’t get along so well. We were completely different people with different views, personality types, schedules, literally everything. We never talked and things were so awkward between us. I missed rooming with my bestie. So this just goes to show you can either have the best experience with your roommate and become best friends and whatnot, OR you can get a roommate you don’t really get along with and that can be kind of a drag.

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Living on campus means your within walking distance to all the bars and clubs in and around campus. This is a good thing because if you decide to drink while you’re out then you don’t risk drinking and driving or getting into the car with someone who was drinking. You are able to make a quick walk to get home safely. This is also a good thing because you can keep an eye on your friends and make sure you all leave together and get home together.

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At least at OSU if you live on campus you get certain perks because campus is just that cool. We could get discounted tickets for movies, concerts, amusement parks and more. We would qualify for what’s called STEP which is a second-year transformational experience program where you do a whole bunch of stuff and you can qualify for up to $2,000 is scholarships to pursue extended education either through an internship, study abroad, project, and more!


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When you live on campus you don’t have to worry about paying for a parking pass if you commute, they can be VERY expensive. Mine was $800 for the year, yikes. But if you are already on campus then you’re saving money and time. If you get to the garage only to find out it’s full then you have to go in search for a meter to pay for or wait for the garage to be open again, which can take a while. I have been late to countless classes because of this problem.

Your campus should have dining halls and other cafes you can eat at and if so, living on campus makes you that much closer to them! Food is always within walking distance! When you live on campus you also get a meal plan to eat off of and I loved that aspect because of course I pay for the meal plan in the end, but it ins’t money out of my pocket weekly to pay for groceries etc. so I loved using my meal plan to eat at the dining halls. I always picket up a bagel or muffin every morning and in the winter I always get a hot chocolate to keep me warm!

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If you forget something when you’re on the way to class it is easier to just turn around and walk home to get in. If you live off campus you have to go ALLLL the way back home. That can mean getting on a bus to get there, walking 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back, or even getting in the car and driving home and back. That can take up a lot of time and then you’re late for class.

You should expect to have to walk everywhere or catch an Uber, but especially on college campuses and depending on what’s going on that night they can get pretty expensive. But the freshman 15 is real, so walking is a good thing!


Living on campus was so convenient and I will for sure miss it my next two years while I’m in the house off campus. But I am excited to live in a house with all my friends in the fall! So be on the lookout for a what to expect living OFF campus next year!

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College


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