The Best & the Worst Parts About College

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Before you get to college I’m sure all you think about is how awesome college is going to be, right? I know I did. But college isn’t all great. Let me tell you why…

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The Best: You have so much more freedom in college to live your life, relax, have fun with friends, and pursue things that interest you. You don’t have a curfew to be home by, you don’t have mom telling you what to do and it is great to finally be on your own.

The Worst: You are literally on your own. Sometimes when you want your mom there for you she isn’t and it’s hard. You always hated when your mom was on you about everything but you’ll soon realize you’ll miss it. Sometimes you’ll realize that the amount of freedom you have is a bit too much and you don’t know what to do with it all. It’ll be different getting used to having freedom with your life.


The Best: You will learn so much in college and over half of the stuff you’ll learn will be personal things about yourself. You will grow so much even just within your first year it’ll be crazy. You will most definitely not be the same person when you graduate as when you entered college.

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The Worst: You will battle with yourself along the way of learning and growing. You will get into some difficult situations where you will be stuck between a rock and a hard place and you will be challenged to make the best decision. You will be broken down to your core and your values will be challenged often.

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My Drifting Desk | Conquer College

The Best: This is the time where you will meet the best friends in your life. You will meet so many new people in college it’ll be great! You will build such strong connections with them in such a short time. Your social life is important in college to help keep your sanity.

The Worst: All the friends you had in high school will start to slip away. When everyone starts to move away to different states and cities for their college you will slowly stop texting them and checking in on them. It is sad to see important people slip from your life but it happens.

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. 15 Things I Learned My Sophomore Year of College

The Best: In college you get to narrow your interests into a major that you enjoy and want to spend the rest of your life doing as a career. You finally don’t have to take those pointless classes in high school that you don’t care about and will never need. Now you get to take classes that you actually enjoy!

The Worst: The class load in college is going to be big. Homework will be hours long, papers will be in the double digits, and lectures will be unbearably long. The college class atmosphere is totally different than high school and it takes some getting used to. You will be spending most of your time studying, doing homework, and writing papers. But that’s what you’re there for right?

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The Best: You get to experience the notorious dorm room life with your bestie roommate! Everyone sees this in the movies and it is something I know I was excited for the most! I couldn’t wait to decorate my room and do everything with my roommate and just live the college life.

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The Worst: Those dorm rooms are tinier than a walk in closet. And to make it better you have to share it with your roommate. And to top it off you’ll have to share bathrooms with your entire floor as well, which is gross. You will have no personal space and no privacy in the dorms. They get dirty fast and you’ll get tired of the small prison room of a dorm room. And you’ll learn that living with either your best friend may not work out or you’ll get a random roommate you don’t get along with. It may not work out how you see in the movies.

The Best: You will be starting something fresh in your life. At this point you have the ability to make a change in yourself for the better and be the person you’ve always wanted to be. You are walking into the unknown with a smile on your face and starting the best 4 years of your life!

The Worst: College is expensive!!!!! I’m pretty sure everyone knows that by now. You will be in debt for quite some time if you plan of paying for college with student loans. If you are one of those lucky people with a full ride scholarship then please take advantage of that and be grateful you have the opportunity to get an education without the expense.

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The Best: Parties, duh. I know everyone is secretly excited about college parties and whatnot. We’re too excited to grow up too fast, but hey, that’s college for ya.

The Worst: Unfortunately college parties aren’t what they seem like on TV. They aren’t so much fun and nothing bad every happens. Sexual assaults are common on college campuses, especially at college parties. Please please please be a decent human being and don’t take advantage of a person who is intoxicated. Don’t let someone buy you a drink, never take your eyes off of your drink, and always look out for your friends!!!!

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My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. The Difference Between High School & College.


There are plenty of good things about college for sure, but there are also some bad parts about college. But the fun thing about it is that you get to experience it all! It will be the ride of your life!

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College


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