7 Things You Should Know How to do Before Getting to College

Hey yall!

College is approaching fast, and I mean FAST! It’s time for a quick reality check and a friendly reminder that you will be leaving the nest in a short 2 months and there are some things you should know how to do before you leave.

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You will be doing laundry more than you will like in college so it is a good idea to learn how to do it yourself. Your mom isn’t coming to college with you, so ask before you leave about those special laundry hacks regarding cold vs. warm wash, lights, darks, and whites, hand wash, and air dry. Also learn how to actually work washers and dryers (but know the ones in college aren’t going to be those fancy ones you probably have a home). Don’t forget quarters!


Self Discipline

You have a lot of freedom in college, almost too much if you aren’t used to it. You need to know how to be self disciplined enough to plan your study times, and get your homework done on time. Be self disciplined enough to actually go to class and do your best 110% of the time. No one is going to make you go to class or tell you to do your homework. You have to tell yourself to do it and remind yourself of your priorities in college.

Wake up on Your Own

Again, your mom isn’t coming to college with you so you don’t have that friendly alarm clock that comes in when the sun shines, with a warm voice and a nice back rub to wake you up. Yes, I miss that too. Instead you better get used to that annoying iPhone alarm sound and learn how to wake up the first time it goes off or you and your roommate are going to get into it when they have to listen to your obnoxious alarm 5 times at 6am because you keep hitting snooze.

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How to Say No

This one goes hand in hand with self discipline. Many times in college you will be faced with hard decisions that are going to be hard to make. Should you study or go to that party? Save your last $5 or buy that pizza? Go home with that boy or help your drunk friend get home safely (hopefully this one is a no brainer). The point being it is a good thing to know how to say no because you will need to say it multiple times throughout your freshman year. Learn to say no to the party because you have to go home. Learn to say no to that boy who keeps pushing you into uncomfortable situations. Learn to say no to someone who is using your or walking all over you. Learn how to say no to help your sanity and make things so much easier.

Save Money

This one is the hardest thing to do in college because we are all broke in college. So please learn how to save your precious money before it is all gone in the fall. Start a small savings this summer to help you get through the year and if you do decide to get a job in college learn to save 50% of your checks to keep a buffer in that savings account. Learn how to shop in thrift stores and be frugal with your purchases. Don’t every buy anything for full price and really ask yourself if you need that item before buying it.


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Take Notes

You should obviously have a background in this area from high school but note taking gets taken up a notch in college because often times the professors don’t wait for you to take notes, so they fly through their slide (if you’re lucky enough to have slides to follow), so you have to learn how to jot notes down in short hand and follow along with also comprehending the material.

Helpful Tip: I always write ugly and fast notes during class and then I re-write them organized and pretty at home. Don’t worry about it too much in class. This is also a great way for you study the lecture notes after class.


This one is a biggie. I was one of those people in high school who never had to study a day in their lives and I still always got A’s in every one of my classes. When I got to college I assumed the same would happen. Boy was I wrong. I failed a class thinking like this. You NEED to learn how to study because you HAVE to study to do good in college classes. They are jam packed full of difficult material and there is no way you can memorize it or even remotely comprehend it just in lecture. The material may seem easy, but I am telling you that the tests, quizzes, midterms, and finals will be WAY harder than the actual material. The questions aren’t recalling definitions they are big picture comprehension questions that require deep thinking and deep studying.

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College is obviously exciting and so much fun but there is some work you gotta do this summer to be ready for college! Make sure you can do all of these things before the fall!

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