What NOT to Bring to College

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We all know you want to bring your entire life with you to college. Everyone does. Some people actually do it and their roommate hates them because they’ve cluttered up the room + taken their space. Don’t be that person. There are some things you SHOULDN’T bring with you to college to either save space, save money, or be realistic.

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1. Your Entire Closet

I don’t think you realize that your closet is TINY. You will not be able to fit ALL of your clothes in there. You won’t even be able to fit a season’s worth on clothes in there. You need to plan accordingly and only pack the essentials and clothes in season NOW! You will be able to go home over breaks and switch out clothes, don’t worry. If you want to bring more than I would suggest investing in some under-bed storage bins to help accommodate.

And please don’t bring all 500 of your high school t-shirts. I promise you will only end up wearing the same 10 anyways.

The left picture is my sophomore year dorm room in a Super Double at Taylor Tower. Definitely more closet space! But the one on the right is my freshman dorm room at Siebert, a basic TINY double. Just to give you some reference on how I organized things and how much space you really have.


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2. Heels / Fancy Shoes

Don’t be that person that goes to class in heels. You just make the rest of us look bad by not trying. Just bring your converse, vans, tennis shoes, and slides. That’s all you’ll really wear. Of course it’s okay to bring 1-2 pairs of heels for interviews or fancy occasions just don’t bring tons of heels or just tons of shoes in general. Always think “Where will I put all of these things?”

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. Your 3 Day Spring Cleaning Checklist

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3. Cooking Utensils + Eating Utensils + Kitchen Appliances

You will not use them. Trust me. You may cook some here and there in the beginning but then it’ll get old having to go downstairs in the lobby every time to cook and cleaning up etc. Also, keep in mind where you would store all of that stuff. Often times you can rent/check items out at your front desk to use to cook if you are really into cooking. So no need to bring your own and take up valuable space.

Don’t bring a mini fridge, microwave, blender, toaster, griddle, etc. to your dorm room. Your school usually offers a mini fridge and microwave combination and you’re not allowed to have hot objects in your room such as griddles and toaster ovens. You will get in trouble!

Don’t bring all your cute water bottles and coffee mugs because….where are you going to put them?! You can bring 1-2 of your fav mugs and 1-2 of your fav water bottles but don’t bring them all.

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4. Cleaning Supplies

The same line of reasoning applies here. You can usually check cleaning items out at the front desk whenever you need them. Do not bring a vacuum and a mop. Please no. If anything you can bring a container of Clorox wipes and that’ll hold you over.

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. Your 3 Day Spring Cleaning Checklist

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5. Already Given Items

See what your room already comes with to make sure you aren’t bringing double. Most rooms come with a full sized mirror, trash can(s), settings on the bed so you can raise and lower them, blinds/curtains for the windows, etc. Just do your research.

See if your campus provides printing and if you need to bring your own printer. They do take up space but sometimes printing on campus can get pricey, so check that out before you bring yours!

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6. Large Items

Don’t bring in an iron and ironing board. You will NOT use them and they will only take up space. Don’t buy items in bulk! Don’t buy bulk shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, etc. I know you THINK it is a good idea to stock up, right? But finding a place to store all of these large items is hard.

If you have a laptop and Netflix then don’t bother bringing a TV to college. I personally don’t watch that much TV so for me it was a no brainer that if I wanted to watch something I can just watch it on my laptop. And one of your new college friends are bound to have one themselves if you absolutely need to watch something.

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7. School Supplies

I know this one sounds stupid, but hear me out! You don’t need a binder and a notebook and a folder for each class! I bought $20 binders for my classes (because they were super cute and I am obsessed with stationary items and school supplies) but I never used them. The desks in college lecture halls are SO TINY you can’t even fit a piece of paper on it let alone a whole binder. So ditch the excessive school supplies and get a 5 subject notebook, a couple folders to hold loose papers, pencils/pens, and you’ll be good!


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8. Non-Functional Items

I know you want your room to be cute and all but don’t go out buying a lot of room decor that isn’t functional because then you’re wasting money and taking up space in your room. Get that cute ottoman that doubles as a trunk that you can store stuff in! Try and buy things that are multi-functional that doubles as cute decor and storage space!

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9. Duplicate Items

Check with your roommate to see what their bringing so you both don’t bring 2 of everything because there will definitely be no room for all of that. Talk it over to see who’s bringing what and plan it out to make everything easier.


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10. Extra Bedding

You can take the ones on your bed off during the day and wash them so you won’t need extra bedding or sheets. Those big bulky bedding, pillow cases, and sheets will take up space!

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11. Prohibited Items

Check with your university on a list of things you aren’t allowed to bring with you because I know they have a list. Check it and double check it. I know you can’t have candles, animals, heated blankets, extension cords, griddles, toaster ovens, sometimes you can’t bring in extra furniture, just check it and make sure you aren’t going to get in trouble.

12. Your Car

This is a personal opinion. I think it’s great to fully immerse yourself into the college life and stay on campus as much as possible. It’ll help you with saving money (paying for a parking pass is upwards to $600, plus gas, insurance, etc.) and you honestly won’t even use it much. Don’t bring it. Walk everywhere and live the college life! I’m sure you can find an upperclassman friend if you absolutely NEED a ride somewhere, or Uber, the bus, you have options. Don’t pay for something extra that you don’t need.

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. What NOT to Bring With You to College.


Hopefully this helps you on what NOT to bring to college. Everyone always thinks of what TO bring, but never about what they shouldn’t bring. So try and save space and money this summer!

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College

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