65 Things They Don’t Tell You at College Orientation

Hey yall!

College orientation is fun and all but they definitely blur the truth about college. I’m here to fill you in on all the things your orientation peer leader will not tell you at college orientation.


My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. 65 Things They Don't Tell You at College Orientation

Be involved, but not TOO involved. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

All the ‘FREE‘ stuff they tell you about you already paid for, so it’s not really free.

It will take you a while to make friends, it’s okay

You will reach your lowest of lows

Even though there’s thousands of people on campus you WILL feel lonely


You will reach your highest of highs

Register for classes as soon as your window opens because if you wait that class will be full

It’s okay to fail a class

It’s okay to drop a class

If you thought you were broke before, you have a new thing coming

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Sharing a room will SUCK

Sharing a communal bathroom will suck more


You will more than likely change your major

Shaving will be incredibly difficult in college

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Don’t buy your textbooks from the campus bookstore, they’re overpriced

Buy them on Amazon, Chegg, or from other students

Sleeping on your dorm bed is like sleeping on knives

Get a mattress pad

Campus food is gross

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. The Difference Between High School & College.

But you’re going to be too broke to buy other food

You will miss your mom’s cooking

You will eat large amounts of Ramen Noodles and Popcorn

Don’t touch the bus handrails, ew

You CANNOT get from one side of campus to the other in 15 minutes, unless you’re running a marathon

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. The Difference Between High School & College.

The washers smell disgusting and your clothes will come out smelling moldy

You will pull all-nighters, lots of them

C’s get degrees

You will probably never see anyone in your orientation group ever again

Your campus ID picture will NEVER look good

giphy (3).gif

You will get lost on campus

You will walk into the wrong class

You will get on the wrong bus

You will miss class

You will choose to miss class

giphy (4).gif

Check out RateMyProfosser.com before scheduling classes

You will give up on what you look like 2 weeks into your 8am classes

You will have to take an 8am sooner or later

Greek life is really expensive

You’re going to gain weight

giphy (6).gif

You will be homesick

Don’t pay to print at the library, get your own printer

Be wary of boys at parties

Sexual assaults are VERY common on campus, be safe

Don’t go for the first guy to compliment you. They only want one thing.

giphy (7).gif

Boys are trash

You may or may not be BFF’s with your new college roommate

Your roommate will probably walk in on you naked at some point

Or you will walk in on them

It could be worse…they could be doing the dirty

giphy (8).gif

Don’t bring all your crap, it won’t fit into your dorm room

Carry pepper spray, mace, or a taser with you at all times!

Never walk around at night by yourself

That 4.0 you had in high school will turn into a 3.4

Your mental health matters – take care of it!

giphy (9).gif

Your life doesn’t have to be aesthetically pleasing like everyone’s Instagram

NO ONE has their shit together in college, including you. You only think you do.

Know your limit when it comes to drinking and partying

You will create expectations – and they will be crushed

Your RA does bad things too

giphy (10).gif

8 hours of sleep in college is unheard of

Going a day without smelling burnt popcorn in your dorm hall is unheard of

You will, at some point, wear dirty clothes because you ran out of quarters to do laundry – or you’re just too lazy

Get some good walking shoes and ditch the heels for class

FOMO will get the best of you

giphy (11).gif

College will seriously be the best 4 years of your life. Just take it all as it comes, be open to new things and ideas, and have fun!

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College


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