Touring the Best Ice Cream Shops in Columbus, Ohio

Hey yall!

My BFF, and roommate this Summer, and I have made ourselves a Summer bucket list to do while we are in Columbus together. We decided to start crossing things off our list this past weekend and we decided to start with “Touring the Best….”. We decided to tour the best ice cream spots in Columbus and try some new ones!

We had 12 places on our list but we only got to 10 of them because the others closed by the time we tried to go. I wanted to share our list with yall and our ratings of them in case you were looking for a new date night spot this Summer!

The Best Ice Cream Shops in Columbus, Ohio.png

Also, you can watch our entire experience up on my YouTube channel NOW!

1. Cookie Dough Creamery

I know this one isn’t ice cream but it HAD to be on our list because we were dying to try it when we came across it. It is like a Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt but with cookie dough! You get a cup, then you choose your favorite type of edible cookie dough, and then you can choose to top it with ice cream flavors or other goodies like M&M’s, Oreo’s, etc.

It was DELICIOUS! A flaw of the establishment, but it works in your favor, is that you buy the cup BEFORE filling it so they don’t charge you by weight. So my suggestion, get a small cup and just FILL IT UP!

10 out of 10


2. Mardi Gras Homemade Ice Cream

This place was kind of run down. The plaza that it was in was old and the inside wasn’t very clean. The service wasn’t good, we weren’t greeted or talked to during our time there. We ordered and paid and left, that’s it. The ice cream itself wasn’t very good, just average. There were some interesting flavors though.

3 out of 10


3. Diamond’s Ice Cream

MY FAVVVVVV. This shop was SOOOO cute. It was pink and purple and the music was upbeat and good! They had such good flavors and it was clean, friendly, and the place is just a huge aesthetic. The atmosphere of this shop was on point! To me, the atmosphere pulls everything together much more!

8 out of 10


4. The Little Ice Cream Shoppe

This place was a cute little hole in the wall, but it was clean and friendly. They had some weird and awesome flavors like Cat’s Meow and Lucky U which was marshmallow ice cream with Lucky Charm cereal inside!!!!! It was BOMB! They didn’t have a lot of flavors, but definitely enough to choose from!

7 out of 10


5. Hilltop Dairy Twist

This place was an old style where you walk up to the window to order and it is outside. There was a drive-thru but we walked up. The sizes were HUGE but the flavors were not very good. All of their ice cream was soft serve but the flavors were mixed together but I feel like the mixing wasn’t done correctly because my S’Mores tasted like coffee and my roommate’s cake batter tasted too much like vanilla. I wouldn’t reccomend.

2 out of 10


6. Cream & Sugar

This place was a more modern and clean Hilltop Dairy Twist. It was a walk up window style too but it was MUCH better and clean. The color scheme was adorable and they had some really cool flavors!

5 out of 10


7. Oats & Barley Market // Simply Rolled

ROLLED ICE CREAM! Yall, I don’t know what to say. This place was BEAUTIFUL! The Simply Rolled shop was inside of a fresh organic market called Oats & Barley and it was adorable. They roll it in front of you and it is just so aesthetically pleasing. They had pre made flavors that were good or you could build your own from scratch. It is a little pricey but of course you are paying for the aesthetics and ice cream. The ice cream itself wasn’t out of this world. To me it tasted like any other ice cream but the fact it was rolled made it awesome.

Oh and they have color changing spoons!!!!! They are white, but once you put it into the cold ice cream they turn purple!!!! WHAT?!?!

9 out of 10


8. Johnson’s Real Ice Cream

Johnson’s is definitely a huge chain shop but we added it onto our list because neither of us had tried it before. We tried to just try hole in the wall shops but we had to try this one. All of their flavors are real ice cream (hence the name), but they are sweet and rich! The cake batter had chunks of cake in it and it was delicious. They were a little more pricey as well but that is because it is a chain.

6 out of 10


9. Rita’s Italian Ice

I know this one wasn’t ice cream either but we both love Italian ice and so we had to try it! They have really cool flavors like Twizzlers and Sweedish Fish, but also normal flavors like Cheery and Mango. They have mini junior sizes which are the perfect snack size. But let me say, it was SO good. Like a thicker slushy. it also has a drive-thru which is convenient.

8 out of 10


The other 3 places we were trying to try but didn’t make it to:

10. Carnival Ice Cream

11. Clown Cone’s & Confections

12. Whit’s Frozen Custard


Of course there are other shops in Columbus but we Google searched ice cream places and these are the ones who popped up. Again, we didn’t choose mainstream ones simply because they are mainstream but if you haven’t tried them yet be sure to add Graeter’s Ice Cream, UDF, and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams to your list of places to try!

If you have other shops that you think should be added to this list be sure to let me know down below!

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