Your Summer Before College Bucket List

Hey yall!

First of all I want to congratulate everyone who just graduated high school! Woo-hoo! But that’s only the beginning, now it’s off to college for some of you! College is supposed to be the best 4 years of your life. You will do so much growing and learning you won’t even believe it.

But before you head off to your new life there’s a couple of things you should do back in your hometown.

1. Get Your Yearbook Signed

This one might be cheesy, but all of your high school friends will start to drift apart once you all go separate ways to different colleges. All of you will make new friends and find new things to be involved with an ultimately college will change you. So try and get those special people in your life to write meaningful notes to you in your yearbook before everyone leaves!

2. Make a Move-In Day Playlist

What are the top 40 songs RIGHT NOW? What your favorites RIGHT NOW? Put them into a playlist on your phone or put them on a CD to listen to on move-in day!

3. Turn Your Old High School T-Shirts Into a Quilt

From my personal experience, you won’t wear that one t-shirt you got in 8th grade at track n field day or your graduating class shirt ever again! Don’t hold onto them and let them take up precious space in your tiny dorm room. I found this REALLY cool college craft to still allow you to keep your memorable t-shirts and giving them a new purpose.

Check it out HERE!

Sarahs T.jpg

 4. Tell Your High School Sweetheart You Like Them

I mean you have to! You’ll be leaving and he’ll be leaving, you might as well confess your love before you both leave. You never know what could happen! I am a firm believer in telling people how you feel because you never know what could happen and you always want to tell your friends and family that you love them in case you never get the chance to.

5. Write a Letter to Your College Freshman Self

Sit down and write yourself a letter at the beginning of the Summer for you to open the morning of your first day of college classes. Motivate yourself, remind yourself about some things, or just tell yourself you love yourself! You could also ask some family and friends to pitch in to write you letters as well to make it more special and memorable.

6. Have a Graduating Class Party or Bonfire

It is true what they say about your high school friends. They will start to fade. You will realize that some people you were friends with, you were only friends with them because you saw them every day. Most of your friends will drift away once school starts and make new friends, and so will you. So cherish your last Summer together by throwing a giant bonfire or party for one last hoorah!

7. Make a Time Capsule

You can make one with our best friends, your high school sports team, your family, or just yourself. But make a time capsule that you won’t open until after you graduate college! Fill it with inside jokes, references, pictures, objects, letters, PACKAGED food, anything! Make it something special that all of you can meet back up and open in 4 years and reminisce on how far you’ve come.

8. Visit Your Favorite Restaurants in Your City

I know right now you’re pretty sick of the same old restaurants at home but once you get to campus and you get tired of campus food you’ll be wishing for that old drive-thru tasting food! So be sure to visit all your favs before you leave.

9. Take Road Trip

Gather your besties and plan a road trip to enjoy this Summer. Make it hit all the best parks, best amusement parks, zoo’s, shopping malls, colleges, anything! Just get in the car and GO!

10. Go to a Concert

Now’s the perfect time to see your favorite artist LIVE! You could even combine #9 and #10 and pick an awesome venue your fav is playing at and take a road trip there to see them!

11. Pull an All Nighter

I mean you might as well get prepared for college right? hah! Just kidding, just pull a really fun all nighter with your besties hanging out all night doing fun (not illegal) stuff!

12. Explore a Part of Your City You’ve Never Explored Before

There’s that one street, park, or store you’ve never been to but pass everyday. Go and check it out!

13. Spring Clean

No I don’t mean actual cleaning, I am talking about your social media accounts. When you get to college you’ll have met a whole bunch of people who will follow you on social media. Check out your accounts and see if they accurately represent who you want to be in college. College is the time to reinvent yourself and change some things about yourself you’ve always wanted to. It is a fresh start. Take advantage of it!

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14. Make Some College Decorations

Make a collage of pictures from high school, make some desk decor, just the little things to make your dorm feel more like home when you get there. Work on some college crafts.

15. Enjoy a ‘Staycation’

You will get homesick, I promise. So enjoy the time you have at home, in your comfy bed, with your animals, siblings (no matter how much they get on your nerves), and some good home cooking. Enjoy a room all to yourself, your mom cleaning up after you (maybe), and be appreciative of your curfew because your mom loves you, and having to check in every 2 hours when you’re gone because your dad is worried. Once you get to college you will have to share everything, you will have so much freedom you won’t know what to do with it, and you will be without some good home cooking and a big comfy bed. So stay inside for a weekend and really take it all in before you leave it all behind.

16. Do Something Drastic

Not too terribly drastic. But drastic enough that people will be shocked you did it. Go get a small tattoo, a new piercing, dye your hair, chop it all off, SOMETHING! Do something exciting! I just recently chopped all my hair off and I LOVE IT! 

17. Do a Color Run, Bubble Run, etc.

This one is on my bucket list this Summer! They look like so much fun!

18. Conquer a Fear

What are you scared of? FACE YOUR FEARS and go do that crazy thing. Sit in the dark, hold a snake, stand at the top of a tall building, BE BRAVE!

19. Make a High School Playlist

Go through and remember some of the big hits from all 4 years of high school or songs with meaning from high school and put them all into a playlist/on a CD to listen to when you graduate college. You could even put this CD into your #7 time capsule to open when you graduate! It will be weird to look back at how music has changed in 4 years and how your taste in music may have changed, or even how your favorite artist has changed their style.

20. Write a Letter to Your College Senior Self

This one may be a little harder because trust me, you will change in 4 years. If you write a letter to yourself it may be applicable and it may not be. But it is still such a fun thing to do. Just congratulate yourself for not giving up along the way and how awesome you are! Plus you could collab this with #7 and have it to open in your time capsule!

21. Start a Blog

Starting My Drifting Desk was the best decision I made once I got to college. Your blog can be about anything! Pick a topic you’re passionate about (shopping, fashion, DIY, relationships, animals, etc.) and share your experiences and tips to the world. Blogging has improved my writing and reading skills in so many ways and having a personal website/blog is actually an awesome thing to have for your resume.



What is on your bucket list this Summer? Share down below!

♥ Marissa

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