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Finding Motivation Through Fashion

Hey yall!

Welcome back to Drifting Around Campus where I feature different bloggers and college students from all around the globe and share their experiences, stories, and tips to help you conquer college! If you would love to join this series and be a guest on My Drifting Desk you can click here!


Tabatha has joined us today to help you dress for success and to conquer college! Read more to find your motivation through your fashion!

Hello Friends! My name is Tabatha, I am one half of the blog, Catwalk and Cuisine. I am a recent college graduate currently working as a professional intern for the Walt Disney Company. I have loved fashion and beauty ever since I can remember which is exactly why I decided to start the blog with my sister! I would love if you would go check it out and stay connected for more!

Motivation by Style

There is a saying that goes around, especially during interview time, that I guarantee everyone has heard. It may be a cliché, but I am here to fully stand by it! What saying is that you ask? “Dress for Success!” I know I know, once you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. BUT. I can honestly say that is what helped me get through college (and hours and hours of studying). Think about it…if you are waking up for early classes or just going to night classes after a long day, all you can think about it your bed right? So why would you want to put yourself in clothes that make you feel like you actually can go to bed! I wanted to do the exact opposite of that.

I dare each and every one of you guys to try it, even if just for a week. Get yourself out of bed and take the extra little bit to actually get ready and feel good about yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to be in business casual clothing, just wear something that you would never wear to bed. After doing this the last couple of years of College, I saw just how much better I felt. I would go to class ready (as much as I could be) to be there and pay attention. I get there are days that life happens and getting ready isn’t a thing, but try it out and see how much it helps! Everyone should feel good about themselves so try and take that to class and see how much more focused you are. Plus I promise you will feel super professional and ready to take on the world in a cute pair of skinnies and some heeled boots  😉

The pictures below are some examples of outfits that I loved wearing to classes, showing that you don’t have to be overly dressed up to feel ready and motivated for the week of classes ahead!

Be sure to stop by the blog to check out more details on these outfits!

Random fun fact: spend the little bit of extra money and get a planner that you LOVE, it makes all the difference! My favorite is my Lilly Pulitzer Agenda, I find that with this one I actually want to use it and keep track of my life!

I hope that you guys all see as much of a difference as I do!




If you loved meeting and getting to know Tabatha and want to follow her on her blog you can here, as well as her Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Stay tuned for our next guest on Drifting Around Campus!

♥ Marissa

4 thoughts on “Finding Motivation Through Fashion

  1. I dunno the name of that ox-blood/ burgundy long thingy in the first pic. OMG I love the look. I mean I love all of them but I love that one even more. You loo so beautiful.


    1. I’m so glad you loved the look, however, this is apart of my Drifting Around Campus series where I have other college students and bloggers on my site to share their expertise and this post is by Tabatha! You can read more about her at the top of the post and find her social media accounts and her personal blog at the bottom!

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