Monthly Rewind | February 2017

Hey yall!

I have started a new blog series to give yall a better look into my life outside of college and get to know me personally. At the end of every month I will have a monthly rewind where I recap on things that happened over the past month and just keep yall updated on things happening in my life.

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. Monthly Rewind | February 2017


At the beginning of the month my BCS teams and I had a competition at the convention center (Athletic Platinum Championships). My girls didn’t do so hot. My mini team dropped their entire pyramid and my juniors dropped a part of their pyramid. But, let me explain what happened the night before.

So I am at Forever 21 shopping around and I get a phone call from one of my BCS moms. She tells me that her daughter had gotten hurt and is now in the hospital with a concussion and cannot compete. WHAT?! My mind started racing and my stomach dropped. BCS doesn’t have fill ins, we do not have extra people to just throw in when someone gets hurt or is sick. So I immediately call my other coaches and let them know and we talk about how we are going to change the entire routine the morning of the competition.

The girls picked up the changes well and hit their entire routine, until a little hiccup in pyramid! I was SO PROUD of them for stepping up and staying calm through the changes and remembering everything! They unfortunately still placed 3rd but after all we went through that morning, I was just happy they hit!


This month I was also busy making new cheer games for my girls, and making a bulletin board in the gym to track their 0 deduction routines that I got the idea to start another blog, yup you read right. I created a new blog called Cheer Code where I share posts about cheerleading, so if you are interested head on over to it and check it out here! (I have no idea how I am going to manage 2 different blogs now, but whatever!)

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College

One of the DIY projects I was working on for my girls was custom bobby pin holders from Tic-Tac containers! I gave them to the girls, wrapped in fun-dip at our Valentine’s Day themed practice! They absolutely LOVED them! It was so cool to see them all at our next competition!

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Aside from cheerleading, Valentine’s Day was cool because D and I went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse so I could eat their yummy rolls and he surprised me with balloons, flowers, and the cutest card in the apartment! He’s so sweet yall. In years past I made him a 52 reasons why I love you out of playing cards and he’s gotten me a GIANT stuffed teddy bear. But now that we’ve been together for so long (it’ll be 4 years in May) we just chill out on the gifts and holidays.

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BCS had another competition in February at the convention center again, the COA Midwest Nationals. This competition was exciting because if you win you get jackets! And all the girls wanted their jackets! Both of my teams hit 0 deductions and it was the best feeling! We even added a new part to junior’s routine that at practice, they weren’t hitting AT ALL, and even back in warm-ups they weren’t hitting and we were close to pulling it out, but we kept it and they hit it out on the mat! Yay! Juniors went home with jackets, while minis took home 4th place!

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. Monthly Rewind | February 2017

I had the opportunity to travel to Michigan this month as apart of my training for my upcoming summer internship. We carpooled and I drove myself and 2 other girls with me up there. it was a 3 hour drive but we talked the entire time and it wasn’t too bad. When we got up there we roomed together and became the best of friends (now we are in a group chat and text 24/7) Young Entrepreneurs Across America (YEAA) had us at at the crack of dawn, 8:00am for meetings the entire day until 10:00pm. We had frequent 10 minute breaks and an hour lunch break around 12-1pm. It was an exhausting weekend to say the least but it was so much fun meeting so many people and getting to learn so much for the summer. (I will share exactly what my internship is in another post for yall!) Everyone I met now is a good friend already and we are keeping each other motivated throughout our pre-season!


Last but not least, this month I started a new blog series called Drifting Around Campus. This series will feature college students from all over and their experiences, stories, and tips + tricks to help you conquer college. I wanted to have a way to share the many different aspects of college through the lens of many, and so I came up with this idea! If you are interested in being a guest writer for my blog you can contact me here about it!

Read the first post in the series down here!


February was pretty stressful in and of itself, with some problems happening here and there, but I love to keep it positive for yall so I wanted to give you the highlights of the month! But here’s to a new month, Hello March!



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