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Spend the Day with Katlyn at UNG!

Hey yall!

Welcome to Drifting Around Campus where I feature different bloggers and college students from all around the globe and share their experiences, stories, and tips to help you conquer college! If you would love to join this series and be a guest on My Drifting Desk you can click here!


Our first guest on Drifting Around Campus is Katlyn! She goes to the University of Southern Georgia and will be sharing what a typical day at her university looks like!

Hey there! I’m Katlyn, a junior biology major at University of North Georgia. I plan on graduating in May of 2018 and I will start Physical Therapy school that month. Prior to coming to UNG, I got an Associate degree from a community college that I commuted to everyday. I’m currently taking 4 science classes, which calls for busy days! Keep reading to see what I do every day!

7:00 AM

This semester, my MWF classes start at 9 and my TR start at 9:30. I try to get up at or before 7 every morning so I can make it to the dining hall before my first class. I put my makeup on and have my first cup of coffee for the day. When I’m done, I’ll head down to the dining hall to have breakfast and my second (and sometimes third) cup of coffee. Our dining hall has an omelet station so that’s what I get every morning!

9:00 AM-11:50 PM

MWF I have lectures all morning. All three of my classes are in different buildings, so I don’t really have time in between to do anything.

12:00 PM

My last class is supposed to get out at 11:50, but it’s not a typical science class so most days it gets out early. If I have managed to get out early, I’ll head straight over to chow (what we call our dining hall) and meet up with a friend for a quick lunch. If my class gets out at 11:50, I will normally just head back to my room and eat lunch there. Chow gets super crazy at noon when everyone else eats, so I try to avoid it if I can. After I eat lunch I will look over whatever lab I am supposed to be doing that afternoon and maybe get some homework done.

1:15 PM

Most days I have a lab at 1:15. Luckily, I am not taking any labs this semester that run the full time, so I get out early most days.


Whenever my lab gets out, I normally head to my room and get whatever study materials I may need and my Yeti cup. I then head to chow again to get a grilled cheese and some coffee. After I’m done eating (although sometimes I get it to go if I have a lot to do), I will head straight to the library. Being a science major, I have a test pretty much every week. Check out the post on my blog about getting good grades in tough classes if you’re curious to see how I’m able to keep a high GPA while taking all science classes.


I normally stay in the library til dinner time, so about 7ish for me. Sometimes a friend will join me and I’m able to get a private study room. If I get hungry, I will snack on whatever I can find in my bag. Weirdly enough, I keep oranges in my bag so that’s mostly what I eat. Once I’m done studying, I’ll make the long trek back to my room.

7:00 PM

After I’m done with all my studying for the day, I’ll either stop by the student center for dinner or I’ll eat something in my dorm room. While I’m eating, I’ll make my pre-workout drink and start sipping on it. I’ll then put on my gym clothes and start getting ready for the gym.

8:00 PM

I try to go to the gym at least four days a week, but most weeks it’s around five or six. I know a lot of people struggle with finding time to go to the gym in college, so check out the post on my blog about how to get fit in college. Since I’m currently cutting weight, I will either lift weights for about 30 minutes with 15-20 minutes of cardio (I don’t do the cardio each time though), or I’ll do a circuit style workout with weight training. I’m a certified personal trainer and love all things fitness, so keep an eye out on my blog for when I publish health and fitness articles (specifically tailored to college students)!

9:00 PM

I normally get done around 9:00 and head back to my room to shower and put on PJ’s. If I managed my time well at the library, I normally don’t have any studying left to do. However, if I have a test in the next day or two I might study a little bit more. Most days I am in bed around 10 (yeah, I’m a grandma) and read my daily devotional, go on social media, and talk to my boyfriend until I fall asleep. I have not had to stay up late studying this semester, so I’m pretty blessed! I owe that to managing my time well. I normally go see my boyfriend on the weekends (he lives about two hours away) so I don’t really study on the weekends either.


I hope reading this reassured you that you can get good grades without having to constantly pull all-nighters (I’m a second semester junior and I haven’t had to yet)! Head over to my blog to check out more tips on anything and everything college, I would love to have you! You can also find me on Pinterest!

♥ Marissa

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