What to do In-Between Your College Classes

Hey yall!

You’ve chosen the perfect schedule this semester where you have time in between your classes to relax right? Here are 15 things you could be doing in those little chunks of time in-between your classes that you don’t really know what to do with.


Go Adventuring

Go looking for a hidden place on campus or somewhere beautiful you haven’t been yet to explore campus a little more. OSU is HUGE and there are so many hidden gems that I could find a new one every day!

Take a Power Nap

Ain’t no shame in napping in the library right? Everyone does it anyways. Buckle down in a comfy arm rest chair in the library and take a power nap.

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Go on a Date

If you and your boyfriend both have busy schedules you’ll want to use any time you have to spend together. Use that little chunk to hang out and go get ice-cream or take a walk around together for a little bit.

Do Homework

DUH! This is the one you probably should be doing but never really sounds interesting enough to actually do. You could get so much homework done in those gaps in-between classes that you wouldn’t have to do it later, leaving you more relaxing time after all your classes.


Go to Office Hours

If you have a gap in-between your classes during office hours of another class go and visit your professor. Even if you don’t necessarily need help with anything you could always just stop by and get to know your professor. This is a good one to do for networking purposes and a good way to find professors for recommendation letters.

Get a Job

If you have large enough gaps in-between your classes you could always get a job so you are making money in-between your classes for shopping and extra spending money on the weekends.


Catch Up With a Friend

Sometimes in college you can lose touch with some friends because both of you have pretty busy schedules now a days. Use time in-between your classes to catch up and get a bite to eat together or if they are far away give them a phone call and let them know they’re on your mind.

Join a Club

Join a student organization on campus and then you will have things to do for your club that you could do in-between classes. You could also have lunch or just hang out with all the new friends you’ll make in your new club!


Finish your To-Do List

If you have anything that has just been lingering around you that needs done but you never really got to yet or have time for, now is the time to get it done! Get that paperwork signed, go to your phone company to ask questions, go to academic services to find out about financial aid or other questions, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.

Work Out

Avoid the freshman 15-yes they are real-by working out in-between classes. You could head over to the gym or just go on a slight run. This will help you stay focused and awake during your next classes.


Go Shopping

You may not have a big enough gap to actually go to the mall and go shopping but you may have enough time to go to the nearest Wal-Mart or Kroger to go grocery shopping for some food you need in the dorm or personal items you need.


Stop at the cafe nearby and have a bite to eat because who doesn’t love food? You could turn this into an adventure by going somewhere different all the time and try new foods around you and campus.

giphy (8)

Do Your Laundry

Is your laundry pile overflowing everywhere? Get it done in-between your classes when most people are in classes and there are more machines available for you! Don’t wait until the weekend when everyone else waits to do it.

Clean Your Dorm

Use the time you have to deep clean your dorm, fridge, microwave, etc. to make the dorm nice and clean. If you are an intense cleaner like me, using that small chunk of time is good because then you won’t overdo it and spend 4 hours cleaning when you should be studying.

Check Your Email

If you are like me, you have 4-5 emails for all of the different things you do/involved in. Use this time to sort through all your emails and get rid of that little notification on your phone.


Now you will never be bored during that little chunk of time in-between your classes because you have 15 things you could be doing instead! Let me know what you do in-between classes!



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