7 Ways For a Productive Study Session

Hey yall!

This time of the year brings students high and low to the library for all-nighters. It’s okay if you’re one of those students. Here is a list of what to bring with you next time you head to the library for a study session.


1: Your Stress

I know this one sounds crazy but it is true. You will not be motivated enough to study and study hard unless you are freaking out about how much you need to get done. So be sure to have a little fire under your butt pushing you to study hard!


2: A Study List

You need to have a list of what exactly needs to be done for what class. I would try to write this list in order of what’s most important to least important so you get the stuff you NEED done first before you crash and fall asleep on your books.


3: Course Material

You don’t want to walk all the way to the library and get situated and realize you forgot your psych textbook. Double check your book bag before you leave to be sure you remembered all of your text books, folders, and notebooks you need for a full study session.


4: Study Supplies

Pack your favorite pens, highlighters, and pencils for note taking, flashcards for quizzing, and sticky notes for reminders or edits. Bring anything else you need to study such as a stapler for when you’ve finished a chapter of note taking etc.


5: Drinks and Snacks

Bring coffee, tea, water, whatever you like and keeps you going to stay hydrated for a long study session. Also bring some snacks so you don’t talk yourself into “taking a break” so you can grab some food. If you bring some with you, you don’t have to get up and leave to eat! Try to snack on healthy food that will fuel your brain for a long study session instead of candy that will keep you going for about an hour then make you crash. If you are in the library though try not to bring something loud and crunchy because you will make a lot of studiers angry. I would bring grapes and cheese, apples and caramel or peanut butter something good and yummy but healthy!


6: Comfortable Clothes

You want to dress in something that is comfortable for you to sit in for a long time but not too comfy where you could fall asleep because you are so warm and comfy. You don’t want to fall asleep but you want to be comfy! I like to wear leggings and a crew neck sweater with some tennis shoes. Don’t come bundled up in sweats, a hoodie, and a blanket.


7: A Good Attitude

🙂 Smile and be happy! You have to be in the mindset of studying in order to actually get some studying done. If all you’re saying to yourself is you hate your life and hate this class and hate this professor and that you don’t understand anything then you are setting yourself up for a useless study session because it will not be productive. You have to speak positive and be ready for this study session. Be happy and turn studying into something that you like doing.


Study sessions in the library are my fav but I never go without these 8 things. Don’t forget your study supplies and your stress next time your’e headed to the library!

What do you always bring with you to the library for a study session?



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