Monthly Rewind | January 2017

Okay so here’s the breakdown. This is the series where I rewind and reflect on the month that just passed to recognize the good, the bad, and the things I should be thankful for! Here’s to another month!




Chapter 1 of 2017 is in the books! January has been pretty stressful because school has started back up and my cheerleading teams are starting to compete! I was taking 18 credit hours, which is the max you can take, this semester and I was definitely struggling to find time in the day to go to 6 classes, study for all 6, do homework for all 6, and also go to work. It was very nerve-wracking and is the reason I haven’t had time to actually blog and post for yall. But my stress level has gone down because I dropped one of my classes so I am now at 15 credit hours which is pretty normal for college students. I feel so relieved because now I have more time to study and do homework for my other classes. I am also slowly trying to get back in the swing of things with blogging.

As many of you already read about, I had strep throat at the beginning of the month and it was awful. First of all, my co-coach gave it to me, then I went to our team sleepover and gave it to all the girls on the team so all my coaches and athletes had strep throat for a week, which was the week right before our showcase. Of course. I was stressing about if we could even do the showcase due to the amount of people who were sick, but we ended up having it and only missing 1 girl!

Both of my cheerleading teams had a team sleepover so they could al bond the week before our showcase and they were A TON of fun! The girls loved hanging out and playing all night, and I literally mean all night. I was there until the girls were getting ready to fall asleep and then I returned bright and early the next day to wake them up and help serve breakfast. The team mom’s who hosted were so kind and generous for allowing 15 little 5 year olds and 13 9 year olds in their homes, they were brave! They had planned all sorts of games and fun activities for the night and we even made team bracelets! It was wonderful! I can’t wait to do it again next year!


The month of January was mainly centered around cheerleading because that is when everything was picking up for our teams so another big thing that happened was the girls’ first real competition! It was held at The Ohio State University and the girls had a blast. They looked so cute out there in their uniforms with red lipstick on! My mini team got 0 deductions and won first place, while my junior team got .5 in deductions but still won first place as well! The girls were so happy to win their first competition and I was one proud coach! We have another competition this weekend so I’ll let you know how that one goes!

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At the beginning of January D and I decided to start a New Year’s Resolution with each other. We decided we would go to the gym 2 times a week to get in shape and work out together. So we went to a gym in our area and got a gym membership and now we’re waking up on Tuesday and Thursdays at 7am to go to the gym before I go to classes at 11am. It is such a great way to wake up and get the day started. We also made it a thing that we would stop eating out so much and start cooking our own meals and since then we’ve actually had real food in the house instead of just snacks and it’s been amazing! I can’t wait to see how much we progress each month!



See you next month!


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