The Ugly Truth About Being Sick in College

Hey yall!

I was recently sick with strep and it was not fun at all. One of my other coaches had it at practice one night and gave it to me. Funniest part is that weekend my team and I had a team sleepover and I spread it to everyone there (not knowing I had it) and so my whole team had strep throat for a week. Yeah, awesome.

Aside from complications with my cheerleading schedule while being sick, being sick while in college is even more AWFUL. When you’re sick in college it’s like your sickness goes to a whole other level of sickness that you’ve never experienced before. Let me explain.

The Ugly Truth About Being Sick in College

1. You don’t have your comfy bed at home to cuddle up in a blanket burrito and sleep all day. You’re stuck with your uncomfortable twin XL bed that is probably lofted so climbing up and down your bed makes things worse. Getty comfy in those things are impossible.

giphy (3).gif

2. You don’t have your mom to make you soup and take care of you. You’re lucky if your roommate ins’t sick with you and can help get you things while you’re sick. In college you’re left to fend for yourself.

3. You actually have to get up and move. With your mom not being there to help you out you are forced to have to get up, ride the bus to the drug store near campus to get medicine, and go to the dining hall to eat soup. That’s no fun. If I can’t comfortably sit in my blanket burrito drinking chicken broth when I’m sick, it just makes being sick that much worse.

Homer Simpson wrapped up in his blanket burrito.

4. You can’t take a couple days off to recoup. I mean you can, but how much work will you be behind in after that? Does your attendance matter for your grade? This isn’t high school anymore where your mom can just call the school and tell them you won’t be in and your bff brings you home a homework packet after school. You have to be writing papers, studying, and going to classes while you’re sick and feeling like crap.

5. You will eventually get your roommate sick because yall live in such close proximity. And then she will eventually hate you for making her miss class and fall behind. Before you know it you and your roommate will both be laying helplessly in your blanket burritos contemplating dropping out of college.

A scene from Monster's Inc.

6. Ultimately you don’t even know what you’re sick with because now that you’re an ‘adult’ going to the doctors by yourself (and paying for it) is a little intimidating. I don’t even know how much ibuprofen I’m supposed to take for a headache?! I still call my mom!

7. You will loose all ambition and motivation for the semester. When you’re sick you start contemplating every decision you made to touch that door to get into class, pressing that elevator button, picking up that person’s pencil they dropped in class, and using the libraries computers to write your paper. You will be so mad at the fact you don’t know who/what got you sick. And of course, you will feel like crap. That inevitable feeling that you’re never going to get better sets in and you’ve accepted you’re probably going to die.

8. All you’ll want to do is cuddle up and watch Netflix but since you’re sick that cute boy down the hall wants nothing to do with you, your dog isn’t allowed in the dorms to make you feel better, and your roommate doesn’t want to catch what you have, so you’re all alone.


Being sick sucks yall. I felt like complete trash from my strep and had to miss 1 day of classes (thankfully I got sick on a Saturday so I was down for the count Saturday-Tuesday but Monday was a holiday so I already didn’t have school and only ended up missing 1 day). But not everyone is lucky enough to get sick on a long weekend. Usually you get sick right when you can’t afford to, like finals or midterms time.

That means when those stressful times of the year roll around you need to take care of yourself so you can stop the sickness before it stops you! Get lots of sleep, drink lots of fluids, wash your hands, eat healthy, and practice self care.

The ugly truth about being sick is not pretty, but the truth ain’t always pretty. Everyone gets sick in college, so just prepare yourself for the inevitable.



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  1. Krista Bel says:

    The most annoying thing is the fact that sometimes you can’t afford to be sick and that just drives me nuts personally. But it’s all good and if it’s not the kind of sickness that brings pain, it can be a good excuse to sleep or something. However, in med school where i am, falling sick means becoming the next specimen for quick diagnosis and practice. You can’t fake it. 😀


    1. Marissa says:

      That is VERY true. A lot of students can’t get to the doctor or urgent care to get the prescriptions needed to recover fast and that’s the worst.
      However, finding excuses to sleep is always great! Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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