What NOT to do In the Library

Hey yall!

To give you a little background about this post-I was in the library trying to get some reading and note taking done but I couldn’t even get started. You want to know why? Because I kept getting distracted from people doing really annoying things in the library.

The library is a space to go for peace and quiet right? So why every time do I go in there it is never quiet?! It is really starting to frustrate me. I am at the point where I am contemplating if I should say something to them nicely or if I should just blow up and start yelling at them. To be honest, I am leaning toward blowing up. That’s how annoyed I am.

If you’re like me you’ll be able to relate to at least one of these things happening to you while you’re trying to study in the library. If you’re reading this saying “none of this has happened to me?” then you may be the person doing these things…

Please, for my sanity, don’t you dare do any of these things in the library…


Don’t you dare…

Repeatedly click your pen or tap your pencil while you’re working. It is insanely loud when you’re in a quiet place. It echoes in my head and makes me cringe with every click.

Don’t you dare…

Eat something that is crunchy and loud to chew, comes in a bag or wrapper that will crinkle every time you reach for another bite, or that smells horrible. There are other people around you, please be courteous of your loud chewing while in the library.


Don’t you dare…

Try to finish off your drink by slurping loudly and moving your straw all around the bottom of your cup. It’s empty, I promise. Just let it go.

Don’t you dare…

Come to the library when you are terminally ill and you are coughing every 3 seconds. No one wants to listen to you cough and sniffle constantly while they’re trying to memorize med terms. If you look like Phoebe, stay home!


Don’t you dare…

Come to the library to hang out with your friends. Please do not come to the library in a group to work on a group project. The library is supposed to be quiet! I can’t read and study when all I hear is you whispering, laughing, or talking.

Don’t you dare…

Listen to your music in your headphones loudly. Blaring your music not only will cause you to go deaf, but it carries out of your headphones and into the air for everyone to hear. If you do, you risk this happening to you. #SorryNotSorry


Don’t you dare…

Come to the library to sit at a computer and not use it. There are people that need to use the computers and if you’re only going to read then go to an empty table or desk around!


Please understand that some people come to the library to get away from all the noise to find some peace and quiet to do their studying. Please be courteous when you go to the library and think about the people around you because you are not the only one in there.

I hope some of you can relate to being in the library when someone is doing one of these things! Let me know in the comments below some other annoying things that have happened to you in the library!


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