Twitter Tuesday: Farewell Obama Family!

Welcome to Twitter Tuesday where I share with yall some of the things that are trending on Twitter or some of the things I scrolled past that made me laugh, cry, angry, hopeful, or taught me something. You can follow me on Twitter @muhrisah_ to stay in the Twitter loop!

Hey yall!

So as yall have heard the Obama family is leaving the White House. The entire nation is shook beyond belief that they actually have to leave and Twitter was going wild over the weekend.

Welcome back to another week of Twitter Tuesday where we say farewell to the Obama family. See the trending tweets about saying goodbye to the Obama family!



This meme always makes me laugh at no matter what it is paired with! But this Tweet is so true in my case because we all knew the Obama family had to leave at some point, but nobody really thought about it actually happening. Obama has been president since I was in 6th grade….I don’t know anything but Obama. Him leaving is like my childhood leaving!



This tweet was a gif where Homer kept walking side to side as the cab kept trying to drive around him then he just lays on the ground in front of the cab not letting it drive away. I would be Homer in this situation. I’m sure we could all just hold hands and make a human wall in the White House driveway…who’s in?



I’m sure yall know this scene from SpongeBob, the one where he is uncontrollably sobbing on the floor. Crying a huge puddle of tears then soaking up his tears and repeating the process. That’s what this gif was. That is how I currently look thinking about the Obama’s leaving and the Trump’s taking over….



This one is hilarious! I really am disappointed that Trump got elected after the Obama’s. It is a real downgrade, seriously yall. We have a real problem and the next 4 years are going to be really……..interesting. I guess I gotta go pick up my Crocs…



I wanted to end Twitter Tuesday on a good note with this wonderful tweet from the beautiful First Lady. Look at this throwback photo of the Obama family, the girls are so little and Obama doesn’t have as much gray hair. To think they’ve been with us for 8 years and we’ve watched them grow for 8 years. Time really does fly by. Michelle, Barack, the girls, and of course the First Dog will be truly missed! Thank you for everything you have done in 8 years for this country and the people. You were a wonderful family to look up to. There were no secrets or scandals from this family. They were just pure. We will never encounter a family like this again.


Tune in for the next Twitter Tuesday to see what’s happening in the Twitter World!



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