Surviving Your 8am College Classes

Hey yall!

I was hoping I wouldn’t have a reason to post about this but unfortunately I was forced to schedule 8am’s this semester & I have been DREADING THIS. But I have found some ways to make them a little better and I wanted to share them with you so you can make it through your 8ams because everyone will have them sooner or later, it’s inevitable.

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My Drifting Desk | Conquer College - 8am college classes can be hard, I know. I've been there, done that. Here are my tips to surviving you 8am classes!

#1. Don’t Forget to Sleep

My first tip is the tip that has helped me out the most with my 8ams. Get your 8 hours of sleep! Sleep is the most important thing for a good day of school. When you have to wake up at 7am for a class, it is much easier to do so when you’ve had a full night of sleep. I have started to get into bed around 10pm but no later than 10:30pm. Now when I say ‘get in bed’ I literally just mean get in bed. You don’t have to be asleep at this time. Just lights off, comfy in bed, looking through your twitter feed. You can’t get into bed at 11pm and expect to fall asleep right away. Your body needs time to relax and chill out to fall asleep. So get into bed at least a half hour before you want to be asleep by in order to wind down and feel tired.

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Now for me if I wasn’t tired enough to fall asleep by 11pm I would put my phone away and roll over and make myself go to sleep. So I literally closed my eyes and counted sheep until I fell asleep. I am taking this sleep thing very seriously because I know if I don’t get my full 8 hours I am not at my best, which makes for a useless school day because I can’t focus, take good notes, or be as engaged as I want to be. So be disciplined enough to make yourself get a full 8 hours of sleep to feel well rested and refreshed in the morning.

#2. Have a Morning Routine

If you love to work out start off your day with a little 10 minute power workout in your dorm as soon as you wake up to get your blood flowing & wake you up. You could also have morning yoga sessions, or devotionals, whatever it may be that would motivate you to get up and establish a routine that your brain looks forward to when your alarm goes off.

#3. Get Pumped

It is so much easier to get the day started for me when I am listening to music. So while you’re getting dressed turn on your favorite Pandora station & get pumped for the day.

This tip may be difficult if your roommate is still sleeping when you need to get ready. If this is the case, plug in your headphones or go to the communal bathrooms to get ready so you can listen freely & not have to get dressed in the dark & end up not matching to class.


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#4. Don’t Get Caught Off Guard

You don’t want to be startled when your alarm goes off in the morning and start running around your dorm trying to get everything done and not forget about anything in time. There’s no reason to start your day off stressful. The night before you should look at the weather and pick out your outfit for the next day and set it aside. This will save you SO much time in the morning, which could be used for sleeping. You should also pack your book bag with the class stuff that you’ll need and make sure all your homework is done (there has been too many times where I’ve forgotten about homework until the morning of and I am trying to rush to get it done, which is never good).

#5. Did You Remember Breakfast?

Breakfast seriously is the most important meal of the day. When I leave late from my dorm and don’t have time for breakfast I am not as awake, engaged, or happy to be there as I am when I do have my breakfast. I stop at a cafe every morning and get either a bagel with cream cheese or a muffin + apple juice. I am one of those weird college students that don’t drink coffee, so I drink apple juice every morning. But you should stop at your dining hall & eat or stop at a cafe and pick up something light because food will always get you going in the morning. 15941003_1781518938766646_1142866623382595798_n

#6. Think of All the Free Time You’ll Have!

When you start your days off earlier, your days will seem longer. Now for me this is good because I scheduled all my classes back to back so I have class from 8am-1pm and then the rest of my day is all mine. I can spend it hanging with friends, eating, sleeping, watching Netflix. I know I should be spending it doing homework. But whatever.

Use your long day to get things done. You have more time to get homework done and you’ll also have more time to take a nap if needed, hang with friends, or even get a part time job to have some extra spending money.

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#7. Get a Buddy!

Make a buddy in your class and set up times to meet to walk to class together if you can. This will help you stay accountable to actually getting up and going to class and make getting up and going to class more enjoyable! Doing something is always more fun when you’ve got someone to do it with.

#8. Set PLENTY of Alarms

Please don’t be that roommate that sets an alarm and just keeps pressing snooze. Those kinds of roommates are always the ones with the annoying and loud alarm noise. DON’T BE THAT PERSON. You can set multiple alarms to make sure you are awake and I always set another one for when I need to leave so I don’t let time get away from me. But please put those alarms on vibrate and put it under your pillow or make it something that won’t wake your roommate. Trust me, because if you wake them up before they need to be, they will hate you.


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Helpful Tip: Put your phone (or whatever you use as an alarm) away from you and your bed. When it goes off in the morning you will have to get out of bed to walk over and turn it off. This is a great way to get you out of bed.

#9. The Key to Success

The key to success is positivity. Try to refrain from talking badly about your 8am, professor, class, workload, etc. The more you despise your 8ams the more you won’t want to go and the harder it will be to get up. Try to think positive thoughts about your classes or the view when you walk there, the bus driver that always smiles when you get on, whatever you can find that makes you happy, think more of that!

#10. Reward Yourself

I think you’ve earned it. You’ve successfully survived your 8am class. You deserve a little, okay a lot, of ice cream and a few, okay a lot, of episodes, I mean seasons, of Netflix. Reward yourself with some candy, a night off from homework every once in a while, girls night out, whatever motivates you to get through your 8ams. It is hard. But don’t forget that we are all in this together.


I hope your 8ams get a little better because I know after I started doing these 10 things my 8ams don’t seem as bad anymore. I actually like waking up a early and getting my day started earlier to have more time. There’s less lines at the dining hall and a beautiful sunrise to wake up to.

Good luck surviving your 8ams and conquering college that early in the morning! But I promise you, it can be done!


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