Paper Trail Planners’ NEW Blogger Planner

Hey yall!

I wanted to share with you my newest addition to my collection of Paper Trail Planners.

My Drifting Desk | Paper Trail Planners || Here is our BRAND NEW customizable undated Blogger Planner for all of my blogger babes out there! This planner will help get your blog, biz, + social media accounts all under control & organized!

I have just created a blogger planner that is perfect for bloggers + business owners who need to plan and track their progress, stats, posts, finances, affiliates, newsletters, and so much more!

I initially created this planner for myself because I was in need of a separate planner to keep My Drifting Desk + Paper Trail Planners information and schedules in so I could just use Splash of Serenity for my academics. And I am SO glad I did! This planner has helped me so much and so I decided to share it with the world of blogger babes!

The months + weeks are undated so you can use it whenever and as frequently as you’d like. Let’s dive right in, right into the planner I mean!

Take a look inside our new Blogger Planner in our First Look Video HERE!


The months have space to jot down random ideas for posts you have, a to-do list, goal of the month corner to keep you motivated and accountable, a small monthly stats tracker for things like page views, subscribers, Facebook page likes, Pinterest pins, etc., and a notes section for those brain dumps.



The weeks are vertical with 3 different areas for categorized planning. I use the top block for a typical schedule, the middle for my daily to-do list, and the bottom is extra special. There are icons for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest in the bottom block to help you schedule blog posts and social media posts. Write in the post, video, picture you’re posting for the day and cross off the icon once you’ve promoted your post, video, or picture to that site!

There is also room on the side bar for a weekly to-do list, next week’s plans, and a simple success of the week. It is important to recognize the small good things you’re getting done and being happy about the small things instead of focusing on one big thing you aren’t finishing. Simple successes of the week help you stay motivated and recognize the little things you’re working on that make a big difference.


Page Packs:

The Blogger Planner offers 4 different additional Page Packs that you can add to your planner to help organize your blog + business. The 4 page packs are: Blog Post Pack, Business Pack, Social Pack, and Stats Pack. Each pack is filled with multiple pages to help organize that specific area.

For example: the Blog Post Pack comes with pages to help track posts, plan posts, and plan posts series, as well as sponsored post tracking and a breakdown of your top posts of the year. The Business Pack comes with affiliate program pages, financial trackers, and a newsletter planning page to help with your mailing list. The Social Pack comes with pages to track what to post and when in the various pages, pods, and groups you are in to promote yourself as well as a password protector page. And the Stats Pack comes with pages to track your monthly and yearly statistics with things like page views, subscribers, Facebook page likes, etc.

The Planner:

The Blogger Planner is offered in half + full year lengths will the full year length having the option to be bound by our standard O-Wire or our new option, disc-bound. Disc binding is useful for adding and removing pages or switching the order of your pages and I think this flexibility for bloggers + business owners is essential to being organized.

Our wire bound planners will come with a hardback laminated cover while our disc-bound planners will come with a laminated front cover that can be removed and replaced with new covers!


**My Drifting Desk will soon be offering interchangeable planner covers for those who want to spice things up and change up their planner for the upcoming holidays, seasons, special occasions, or just to match your outfit for the day! So stay tuned!


Visit our website to learn more about our brand new Blogger Planner and to order your very own!



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