Twitter Tuesday: Back to School

Welcome to Twitter Tuesday where I share with yall some of the things that are trending on Twitter or some of the things I scrolled past that made me laugh, cry, angry, hopeful, or taught me something. You can follow me on Twitter @muhrisah_.

Hey yall!

Yesterday was my first day back to school, as was a lot of people’s, and let me tell you Twitter world was not too happy about it. Let me show you some of the things on my timeline yesterday and today.




This first tweet is a good one to start off with because this is exactly how I looked for my 8am class on Monday. I was tired and did not want to be walking around campus in the freezing cold at 7:30am.

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This second one is funny because it can be true in some classes, like mine! Syllabus week is a time for relaxation and easing into the curriculum. BUT NOPE! Some professors say “Hello, my name is Dr Ben and let’s jump right into chapter 21″…..what? Yeah, that happens. And I apologize to anyone that happened to because I feel your pain.

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Then you get the professors who do read the syllabus and give you a break but then they say something like this. Which the only logical way to respond to this is: Well it’s gonna have to. I mean to me, that sounds like a challenge, so BRING IT ON SYLLABUS! 



And you also have those professors that are too happy and giddy for the first day and they’re all like “How was break?! Good to be back right?!” And everyone just stares at them awkwardly because no one in that 500 person lecture hall wants to be back right now. C’mon.



I had to leave yall with one positive tweet from this back to school weekend and it comes from an adorable happy coffee cup (duh, avi). So although none of us wants to be back right now and we all hate being back and we’re pissed about having to be stressed all the damn time again, just remember to keep your head up high and don’t let anyone bring you down! You got this! If you don’t feel like you got it, just fake it till you make it!


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Twitter Tuesday! I love bringing yall my favorite tweets to laugh at together! Share some tweets with me down below or share your Twitter usernames down below so I can follow yall!


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