Happy Blogiversary to ME!

Hey yall!

Today is a very important day for me, it is the 1 year blogiversary of My Drifting Desk! January 6, 2016 I decided to start my blog and write my first blog post. Every since then I have been writing to help college students conquer college with over 100 blog posts to show for it.

Happy 1 year blogiversary to My Drifting Desk! I can't believe it's been 1 year already!


Starting this blog has helped me grow as a person and it has taught me so much about myself and others. Since then, I have become a very open minded person and I have a new desire to learn about different cultures, people, and topics. I learned so much about trending topics, current events, history, and many different view points on every subject that I have acquired a new outlook on almost everything in my life.

Other skills I have gained from starting this blog would be writing skills, reading, editing, time management, planning, HTML, coding, website creating, graphic design, brain storming, creativity, productivity, critical thinking, and countless others. These skills can be transferred to any job or career choice I decide on and they will help me go far and achieve in whatever area I decide in.

Who would have thought this blog would have done all of this? I sure didn’t. I started My Drifting Desk after I bought my first MacBook Air and while I was searching for tips and hacks on how to use it and I came across countless blog sites with articles to help me. I kept looking into more and more blogs to find college ones, DIY ones, lifestyle ones, and workout ones. All of them were so interesting to me that I spent the whole day binge reading all of them.

I then told myself I wanted to start my own blog. And so I did. I googled the best blog sites and found WordPress was a good beginner site that was user friendly. I googled how to come up with the perfect blog name and found blog posts to help me with that and other posts to help me design and start my WordPress site. Blogs became my whole life for a good 3 days. The hard part was thinking of what I was going to write about. I googled blog post ideas and came across a 31 Day Blog Challenge that I thought would be the perfect way to start my blog off to get the ball rolling and my creative juices flowing while sharing personal information with my readers (whoever those may be) to help them get to know me.

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Of course at first the only people who read my posts were my close family and a few friends who actually were interested. Now I have 44 followers & countless email subscribers. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but for someone who hasn’t taken this whole blogging thing seriously yet, and posting quite irregularly, that’s pretty good and I am proud of it.

My stats to date are: 103 posts, 9,989 views, and 4,049 visitors. I am still in shock that there are 4,049 people out there that visit my site….like oh my goodness.

Since I started this blog I have become a better person and a better student academically because I post about areas that I could improve in while sharing with yall my tips and tricks to conquering college from my experiences and point of view. This has helped me to become better in areas that I struggle in, all so that I can help yall out! So thank you for motivating me to become a better person and student.

I have created an Instagram account for my blog, @MyDriftingDesk, to give my readers a more personal feel and look into my life with everyday photos and of course reminders about new posts! Over the summer I expanded My Drifting Desk to a YouTube Channel and provide yet another resource to help yall conquer college. I think the YouTube channel has given My Drifting Desk more of a personal feel because you can see me talking, see me in my dorm, and see me living life in college and that’s so surreal and pure. And more recently you can find My Drifting Desk on Facebook! So please be sure to LIKE our page to stay updated on pics and mini posts only for my facebook fam.

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My biggest accomplishment would have to be my expansion into my very own small business to help college students with time management and planning by providing custom, affordable, and cute planners with Paper Trail Planners. You can follow us on Instagram, @PaperTrailPlanners_ and LIKE us on Facebook. It is so crazy how this blog has grown to different areas and has expanded so far as to me owning and running my own business in college. Who knew?!

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I am so very thankful for the inspiration to start this blog and everything that has come from it. I can’t wait to see what another year will bring to My Drifting Desk and to see how much more I will grow as a person and a student. I have already sat down with a desk calendar and planned out blog posts and youtube videos for the entire year of 2017. This means I have a TON of great content for yall planned that I can’t wait for yall to read and see!

I hope you stick around for another year with me at My Drifting Desk! Thank you so much more supporting and following me on this journey through college and adult hood where I am trying to find a purpose, a niche, and something I love doing along the way.


Happy New Year!


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