Are You Failing a College Class? It’s Okay

Hey yall!

Okay first of all I need to get this straight. Everyone has a different perspective on what is actually failing a test, quiz, assignment and class. I just received a C- on a college class and to me, that is failing. I understand that is barely passing to some and good enough to others but with the way I work, I failed. Also, you need to understand that I technically got a 67% on the class but my professor curved the entire class and that was the only reason I managed the C-. So yes, I failed the class. 

I am very hard on myself when it comes to academics. I am a perfectionist that always strives for A’s and if I don’t achieve that, I am VERY upset with myself. So to some people my C- is fine but to me I failed.

You'll eventually fail or come close to failing a college class at some point in your college career. That's okay, as long as you learn from it. Read my experience failing my first college class & what I learned form it.

Before starting this new semester I wanted to reflect on last semester’s grades and learn something from pretty much failing a college class. Hopefully I can recoup and do better this time around.

Getting that bad of a grade as a final grade in a class really shook me up and opened my eyes to some things. First of all, that I’m not as good of a student as I thought I was. I graduated high school with a 4.8 GPA taking all AP classes and top 15 of my class with my honors diploma and for my entire freshman year I got straight A’s so my good grade streak was still happening and I was feeling very lucky. But now my grades are suffering. I got a C-, B+, B, and an A- as my 4 final grades this semester and I have never been more upset.

Why did I get such bad grades? I think it is because I don’t really study the way I should. I NEVER studied in high school and never got anything lower than a B+ on a quiz, final, or midterm. Academics just comes naturally to me, or so I thought. In college I continued this trend with just attending class, taking good notes, reading the chapters, then taking the test. But in college (especially after your freshman year when things are easier) that will not fly. You actually need to sit down 5 days in advance before a test, quiz, midterm, or final and STUDY.

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When I say study I mean the typical create flashcards and quiz yourself and practice problems if you can. Re-reading your notes (which is what I did) will not cut it in college classes. There is too much material and the actual tests are much harder and not your high school definition true or false questions. They are understanding and comprehension example questions where you have to know the material inside and out to answer a question un related to your material. I know it sounds confusing, and it is.

I have decided not to let this happen to me again. One of my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions will be to actually study like a college student and break my bad high school habits. I need to realize that college is hard and I need to put more work into my classes.

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Thankfully these bad grades didn’t affect my GPA too badly because I did VERY good my freshman year so even with those grades I still hold a 3.6 GPA which is good, but not good enough to me. I hold myself up to very high standards, which can be bad and good.

All I can say is that I am glad this happened now when I am still kind of taking GE’s and not when I’m taking a very important class that I needed an A in. I would rather this happen now and not senior year when I don’t have time to fix my GPA.


I hope you learn from my mistakes and take your college classes seriously and really step up your game and toss out those bad high school study habits and really buckle down and lock yourself in the library to study.


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