Monthly Rewind | December 2016

Hey yall!

I have started a new blog series to give yall a better look into my life outside of college and get to know me personally. At the end of every month I will have a monthly rewind where I recap on things that happened over the past month and just keep yall updated on things happening in my life.

Monthly Rewinds are all about keeping you updated on what's going on outside of my normal blog posts. They get a bit personal! Check out my December 2016 Monthly Rewind


December is my birth month!! I turned the big 20! I’m no longer a teenager! D surprised me with a personal cake with candles, some flowers, dinner at a local Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse (which is my fav), and tickets to go to the Columbus Zoo! I am so blessed to have him in my life and he always makes my birthday so special.

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December was sort of stressful for me because of the holidays. I am a horrible gift giver so I always stress about what to give people and I am also a broke college student (who didn’t plan out her money for the holidays) with no money to actually go shopping! It makes me feel terrible and guilty. Thankfully D and I do this thing where he buys gifts for his family and I buy gifts for mine and we say it is from the both of us. That way we both don’t have to spend double the money buying for 2 families and we can buy good gifts for 1 family from the both of us. We will probably continue to do this until we are financially stable enough to afford presents for everyone.

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I bought my mom 2 sweaters from her favorite store and a thermal + fleece pull-over for my step-dad, so they weren’t extravagant gifts. I felt really bad coming home with just that but I had to keep reminding myself that it isn’t about the gifts and my family will understand my situation (which they did). 

D and I also bought and decorated our very first Christmas Tree this year and it was so adorable and memorable!! It felt so good to decorate our very own tree as a little family it just made my heart smile. It has always been a family tradition in my house to decorate the tree on my birthday and we continued that tradition in our own home this year. We also watched Elf while decorating which made it that much better! We are officially adults and it’s really starting to feel like it for once.

This Christmas also made me realize that I am officially an adult because instead of getting clothes, money, and technology gadgets for Christmas like I used to I got a new microwave, a knife set, some washcloths, a decor clock to hang on the wall, a swiffer wet jet, a candle decor glass stone piece, a space heater, and some other little things. The weird thing was that I was VERY excited to open these things! That’s when it hit me that I’m an adult. But I’m okay with it. It’s cool to grow up and to get things for our apartment and soon to be home.

This month D and I also adopted and rescued a 1 year old pup named Remi! We got her December 1st and that’s what we’ve decided is her birthday since the shelter didn’t know. She completes our little family and is the perfect addition for us in this time of our lives. She’s a small little mut full of so much energy, cuddles, and kisses!


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I also took my 2 and a half week break from work and school to organize and get dedicated to my blog for the new year! I have written so many posts that are sitting in my drafts ready to post and I have bought a desk calendar from the dollar store to plan out my blog posts and youtube videos! So get ready 2017!


All in all December was stressful, heartwarming, and memorable. What makes for a better month?

What happened in December that made you smile?


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