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The Best of 2016

Hey yall!

With 2016 winding down I wanted to look back and reflect on some of My Drifting Desk’s top posts and videos from 2016! The views that these posts and videos have gotten are MIND BLOWING to say the least. I never thought I would be getting this much traffic on my posts and videos when I started this journey in January. I am so happy to see people reading and watching the content I create for yall. It warms my heart. Let’s take a look at what yall loved the most from 2016!

Top 4 Posts:

1. The Ultimate College Packing List with 719 views!

2. How to Get Straight A’s in College with 258 views!

3. Where to Go Dorm Room Shopping with 248 views!

4. How to Budget Your College Shopping List with 244 views!

Top 5 Videos:

1. College Move In Day + Packing Tips! | The Ohio State University | VLOG with

2. First Day of School GRWM + College Tips! | VLOG with 11,953 views!

3. Dorm Tour | 2016 | The Ohio State University with 10,373 views!

4. Come DORM SHOPPING With Me! | Dollar Tree, 5 Below, Target Dollar Spot | VLOG with 9,567 views!

5. Dorm Room Haul | Freshman Year | The Necessities with 8,777 views!


Wow!! Thank you so so so so so much for all the love on my blog posts and youtube videos! I put in a lot of time to create this content for yall and it makes me so happy to see that yall love it and are actually using it to help you conquer college!!

I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for My Drifting Desk! I hope you’ll be sticking around to see as well!! Thank you so much again for following my journey through college and adult hood, learning from my experiences and perspectives! xoxo

♥ Marissa

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