Twitter Tuesday: Christmas Edition

Hey yall!

Welcome to Twitter Tuesday where I share with yall some of the things that are trending on Twitter or some of the things I scrolled past that made me laugh, cry, angry, hopeful, or taught me something.

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This week’s Twitter Tuesday is centered around Christmas. So here are some of my fav tweets from the holiday!

It's Twitter Tuesday and that means it's time to show you my favorite tweets that were trending, inspiring, funny, aggravating, hopeful, or some informational tweets. This week's Twitter Tuesday is all about Christmas!



This tweet made me smile because it is very true. People often forget about the reason for the season and focus on too many of the wrong things. I like how they took a typical Christmas To-Do List but crossed out and fixed it to be what it should be. I like these things better than the original.



This one made my heart feel so full and warm!! I can’t imagine what it feels like being on the other side being Santa for my children with my husband. I’m sure it will be so much fun!! I can’t wait until I can sneak through the house putting the gifts under the tree for my little ones with my husband and eat the cookies we made the night before and drink the milk so when our kids awoke they would run downstairs to see the living room filled with love and joy (and of course presents) and then run over to see if Santa drank their milk & ate their cookies. They would have no idea but I would just look at my husband and feel so accomplished and happy. I can’t wait for that day.










These 2 tweets is SO VERY TRUE. This was the first Christmas where I received adulting items instead of toys, gadgets, and things I didn’t really need. It was weird to see that transition in the holiday. But, it was a milestone I had to cross. I am no longer a kid on Christmas. I get washcloths, money, a microwave, and a paper towel holder for Christmas. And guess what, I was just as excited to open these gifts as I was when I was 5 opening my new American Girl Doll.



But with that being said, of course I missed the way Christmas felt when I was little. There was so much joy and surprise in the air. I still believed in Santa and everything was easier. Now I am struggling (financially) to buy everyone gifts this year, pay my rent, pay my bills, and put food on the table. Being an adult is hard. I miss not worrying about those things and just being excited to make cookies with my mom and eat waffles with my sister Christmas morning and fight over who was going to sit by the fireplace to open gifts. I miss the whole magic of Christmas that was there when I was little. But it was also fun to give this season and see the look on everyone’s faces when they opened my gift. That was heartwarming.


I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with their family and got everything they wished for. Be sure to remember the reason for the season and be grateful for the time with your friends and family and remember that giving is better than receiving. Merry Christmas!



2 thoughts on “Twitter Tuesday: Christmas Edition

  1. I am so proud of you. You are one exceptional human being. Thank you for reminding us all to step back and see the greatness of the season. You inspire me everyday to want to be a better person!

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    1. Aww. Thank you so much Keith. I really appreciate your kind words. You inspire me everyday to be myself and love myself no matter what and embracing all of the little things that make me ME! Thank you!


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