I Rescued a Pup!

Hey yall!

I am so very excited to tell yall that I adopted and rescued a 1 year old pup from the dog shelter in my area. It warms my heart to save a pup from the kennels. She has a forever home now and she is so happy to be with me in a loving home.

My boyfriend and I went to our local dog shelter and adopted a one year old pup. She makes the perfect addition to our little family. I urge everyone to ADOPT instead of BUY a new dog. Save those inside of shelters, don't support puppy mills and breeders.

So here’s how it happened:

I had some free time one day and so I decided to go to the dog shelter right down the road to play with some dogs. When I arrived I walked through 3 rooms of dogs and picked some out that I would love to sit in a room with and play with. I made the list on a sheet of paper and took it to the front desk. She asked us which one I would like to play with first and I just said “uhh, Rumor, the one at the top.”. This was mainly because she was the first one I saw that we wanted to play with.

I was escorted to the meeting room and waited for the volunteer to bring me Rumor. When I saw her turn the corner I also saw a VERY excited pup dragging the volunteer to the room. As soon as she entered the room with me she was so excited she peed a little. I just laughed because she was so small and hyper and her tail was wagging 100x a minute so I knew she just couldn’t hold it in any longer. The volunteer then took her outside first to go potty and brought her back.

This time she ran into the room and immediately jumped on my lap. She leaned up against me so excited and gave me a million kisses. I just laughed and I petted her. She was the sweetest little dog EVER!

I stayed in the room for probably 10-15 minutes just playing with her and getting tons of kisses when I thought “I want her.” She’s a good dog and so hyper! I kept playing and I kept thinking I wanted to take her home. Finally I just said “Okay, let’s do it!”.

I asked the volunteer what the process was to adopt a dog and I got started right away. I filled out her paper work, put her on a 2 hour hold so I could go get her a crate and some food, then came back and took her home. When the volunteer brought her back out she remembered me and ran right up to me and was wagging her tail. Rumor said goodbye to the shelter and she jumped right in the car!

I wanted to give her a fresh new start and a fresh new life so I gave her a fresh new name to mark the beginning of the rest of her life, Remi. I was sure to keep it similar so it wouldn’t be hard for her to remember. 

This is Remi right after I adopted her & got her into the car to go home.

Remi is the cutest little addition to my family and I love her to death! We play all the time and cuddle at night. I took her to the pet store after adopting her so she could pick out her very own toy and I must say, she loved the long isles of toys and getting belly rubs from everyone who passed her.


I urge everyone who is thinking about owning a little pup of your own to head to their local shelter to adopt and save a pup who needs a home. Say no to breeders and puppy mills! You can find full bred pups as well as muts (which is what Remi is). But every pup in the shelter is loving and just wants a forever home. Please go and rescue a pup, it was the best decision I ever made!


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