Staying Productive Over Winter Break

Hey yall!

The holidays are upon us and I know there are sighs of relief sounding at every corner of your university right now. I know when I finished my last final there was a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders because I knew for 3 weeks I would have no responsibilities or obligations to tend to other than laying in bed with my pup binge watching Netflix.

I know this sounds heavenly to almost everyone reading this right now but let’s be honest, you’re reading this because there’s a little part of you inside that wants to be productive over the break and you actually don’t want to spend 3 weeks in your bed. So here’s what you can do to stay motivated and productive over the break:


1: Set New Alarms

I know I’ve already lost some of you with this first point but it can really help you for the nest semester. I know for me I usually stay up really late and then wake up around 1-2pm the next day and then my whole day is wasted by the time I actually get out of bed and get motivated to get my day started. This year I have decided to turn off all of my old alarms and set new ones! I set alarms for the time I would be waking up next semester for my new classes so I can get my sleep schedule on track NOW instead of suffering my first week or two trying to get myself to go to sleep at a decent time and wake up at 8am for class. Start early on your sleep schedule and your body will thank you come next semester!


2: Plan!

The key to staying productive is to have a plan for what you want to get done and need to do over break. Writing down what you need to do will help you stay on top of your to-do list. I like to continue to use my planner over break and instead of writing down assignments I’m writing down that I need to go grocery shopping, take the dog to the vet, brunches to catch up with old friends, do laundry, etc. Just write down your schedule so you can stay in the habit of using your planner while staying motivated and organized on the things you need to get done over break. If you don’t plan for a time to do something it will more than likely keep getting pushed to the next day until your break is over and you never actually got anything done.

3: Stay Inspired

If you love reading blogs, watching youtube videos, writing your own content, or whatever it is that you love to pass time doing, KEEP DOING IT! Don’t lose your spark or fire for something over break. If anything, try to expand that passion of yours while you have the time. Find new things to be interested in. Keep up to date with current events & stay interested in the outside world. Don’t just coop yourself up in your room all of break. 

4: Practice Self Care

This is probably the most important thing you should do over break. But this is also the main thing people forget about doing over break. Most people do practice self care but they do so without realizing it so once the new semester comes you feel like you haven’t done it at all. So be sure to practice self care on purpose and with a purpose. You worked hard last semester, you deserve to get your hair done (because we all know it hasn’t been touched in 6-8 months), nails done, go on a shopping spree, spend a day relaxing in a warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate just listening to Christmas music. Whatever it may be please take care of yourself over break so you are the best you for next semester!


Alright yall, so you have 4 homework assignments to do over break! But I can promise you these homework assignments will be worth while and in the end make for a productive and motivated holiday break.

Happy Holidays yall!! Be sure to check in and let me know how your homework is coming along, or let me know other things you do over break to help keep your motivated and inspired down below!


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