No Negativity November

Hey yall!

November is already well upon us! Many of us refer to this time of the year as No-Shave-November, midterm month, stressful, the month before winter, the time of the year when I am in DIRE need of a break, I am not just trying to survive the rest of the year, and countless other depressing names.

I totally understand your frustration with this time of the year. Summer is gone and the cold is creeping in, as well as midterms, holiday stress, and yet you still have midterms and you are just waiting for a break. I get it. But I wanted to remind yall that November is a time for being grateful and thankful for what you have in your life and the things you are gaining from all this stressful stuff you are doing now.


I want you to remember that although it seems like you are stressed about your 3 papers, 4 projects, and 6 midterms next week you should really be thinking of all those stresses as hidden blessings. You should be thinking of it as: I am lucky enough to be able to afford to attend a university and get a degree and expand my knowledge to decide a career path for my future. Think of it as: I am grateful that I am healthy enough to be attending university and sitting in my lectures to hear my professor and see the board. Think of it as: an opportunity to be able to better myself to provide for myself and my family. Think of it as: I am blessed to have the support of my friends and family behind me pushing and rooting for me every step of my journey.

Don’t think about everything in your life as such an inconvenience. That will only drag you down. If you focus on the negatives only negatives with come your way.

I challenge you for the remainder of November, and every November after, to look at something new with a new perspective. I want you to take something that you first see as an inconvenience, a stressor, anger, sadness, or irritated and turn it into something positive.

To make this even more fun, I challenge you to post a picture to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, something everyday of that thing that you see as a negative and say why you are thankful for it and turn it into a positive. Maybe we can start a trend of positivity on social media that we all really need at this time. Let’s make our feeds full of thankfulness instead of selfishness.

Let’s use our own special hashtag so that we can all stay accountable for our challenge and see what the rest of us are thankful for:


I know we’re already halfway through November, but it is never too late to be thankful for what and who is in your life!

So post a picture to Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook using our hashtag to turn your negatives, stresses, unhappiness, anger, and frustration into positivity, calmness, relaxation, thankfulness, happiness, and gratefulness this November.

Here is My Day 1:

I posted a picture of my boyfriend and I because I have been upset lately that he has been working so much and closing so much because right now our schedules are opposite and I felt like I never get to really spend quality time with him other than sleeping.

But I was able to turn that negative into a positive by being thankful that he works so much to provide for us, pay the bills, and keep a roof over our heads. He really is a family man and does anything he can to make and keep me happy. I am very thankful for this hard working man in my life!

Now it’s YOUR turn!


Tell Me What YOU Think!

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