Organize Your Entire Life With THIS One Item!

Hey yall!

What’s up? How’s life going? Feeling stressed out yet? All of those assignments got you bogged down? Too many activities going on that you can’t keep track of? Do you have many aspects of your life that all need planned out? Well don’t go out and buy 7 different planners to plan 7 different aspects of you life.


Get yourself one planner to plan it all! Say HELLO to My Drifting Desk’s newest addition to it’s planner line: Paper Trail Planners MIDNIGHT!

Midnight is a beautiful neutral planner with pops of color throughout. By keeping the color scheme simple you are able to customize your weeks to what you have planned! You are able to freely color code areas of your life without worrying about matching the color scheme. You are able to use any colored stickers, sticky notes, and washi-tape to add some pizazz to your planner without worrying about clashing with the colors of the page. This gives you free range to plan the best way-YOUR WAY!


Midnight is set up very different than your average planner. As you can see, it runs off of a grid system. This system has a special column to the left that is left blank-this is where you can designate each row to a class, meeting, child, chore, to-do list, you name it! Midnight allows you to break your life down into 6 categories and have a whole row for each category.


This way of planning makes it very easy to see what you need to do for the whole day when you scan down a column but also what needs to be done for a certain area during the week when you scan across a row. This layout is open with enough room in each box to fit your daily activities. There is even extra room at the bottom for another small row of miscellaneous things such as: meal planning, work outs, steps of the day, hydration charts, chore of the day, you name it! The design is open for your ideas to flow!

Paper Trail Planners - Customizable Planners 2017 Collection Midnight

Each month inside of Midnight get’s it’s own color to brighten things up throughout your planner. When a new month is beginning you will see a small page flag above that day with that month’s color indicating a new month is beginning! The following pages will be your full month spread as well as a Month at a Glance page where you can jot down any important dates, things to remember, a monthly Top 5 list, as well as your focus for the month and keep track of the things you are doing, listening to, and working on in the upcoming month! This page is great to track your favorites from month to month and get your mind focused on what’s to come.

Paper Trail Planners - Customizable Planners 2017 Collection Midnight

Aside from the planner itself you are able to add on extra filler pages to help organize other aspects of your life. You can add in Notes Pages for jotting down helpful tips and reminders, a Password Cheatsheet because I don’t know how many times you’ve had to reset a password because you keep forgetting, a Monthly Bills Checklist to keep all of your payments on time and paid, Contact Pages are great for keeping Teachers, Coaches, Babysitters, and utility phone numbers for quick access wherever you are, and for students you can add in a Class Schedule and Assignment Planner to keep your assignments in order and Office Hours readily available.

Paper Trail Planners - Customizable Planners 2017 Collection Midnight


This planner really is a one-stop-shop for organizing your busy schedule. No more lugging around 3 planners for work, school, and your kids’ schedules. Keep it all in one with Midnight!

I am currently using the Midnight theme to organize and plan my classes and work schedule and it is working beautifully! I have the ability to customize my weeks 100% because of the neutral color scheme and keep all the areas of my life separate. This theme is easy on the eyes and to me, looks so much more organized and less crammed!
Take a look at how I organize my weeks:


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Take a virtual tour of Midnight in this First Look video down below!





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