How to Conquer College Move In Day

Hey yall!

I have officially moved into my sophomore dorm room here at OSU and I am super excited to get this school year started!

Before that can happen the rest of yall have to get moved in! I wanted to share with yall some tips and hacks to help you conquer move in day smoothly that I learned from 2 years of moving into a dorm room!

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You can catch 4 quick moving tips in my Move In Day VLOG here!

Other hacks would include:

1. Bring a personal bag filled with a change of clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, phone charger, and anything else you feel necessary so you can find those things easily! For me, I moved in around 11am and I had a work meeting at 6pm so I couldn’t finish my whole room in one day so a personal bag helped me get changed for my meeting and have some items close and in easy reach! Also, I hate losing my phone charger in all the moving madness.

2. Bring a fan with you even if you don’t plan on keeping it! It will get VERY hot in your dorm room while you are moving in and a fan will help keep the temp cool which will help keep everyone calm and less stressed during the move in.

3. Bring snacks, a lunch, and drinks in an easy to reach place because you will get hungry and thirsty mid move in! Of course you don’t want to drop everything and go out to eat in the middle of everything so it is nice to keep some sandwiches packed up with some water for a quick break.

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4. Bring cleaning supplies with you to clean up the dorm before moving all of your stuff in FIRST! I suggest wiping everything down and sweeping quickly to get all of that summer dust out of the way and feeling fresh and clean moving in!

5. Be excited!! At OSU we have OWL and OWL-C’s, which I am this year, and we are really excited to help you move in at 6:30am in the morning! We will run up to you chanting our building chant, screaming and clapping as you pull in, and will unpack your car for you and ask you a billion questions about how excited you are to get moved in! So just stay positive and be excited about moving into your dorm! I know it can be stressful and a lot to do and think about in one day but just breath and take it easy! It will get done!

6. Don’t expect to get everything done that day! You will likely get things situated in a place you think is perfect and then in a week or 2 you and your roommate will realize something else may work better and stuff will move around. So don’t be so stressed if you don’t get everything in its perfect spot right away!

7. Don’t pack your things in suitcases! Unless of course your parents are going to take the suitcases back with them. You don’t need the suitcases in your dorm and they will only take up space. The most you’ll need is a weekender bag for those trips home for the weekend or to your friend’s dorm.

8. Let your mom and dad place some of your things where they like it. They want to help you and this day is very emotional for them so please don’t burst their bubble by not letting them help out or being supportive of them. Just let them help you and let them pick the places of some things. If you really can’t stand where they put something change it when they leave. My mom actually picked the layout of my dorm my freshman year and at first I was thinking “No mom, I want it how I want it.” but I let her pick it and we arranged it how she liked it and I ended up liking it and keeping it!


I hope these tips can help your move in day go a little smoother



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