10 Things You Should do Before College Move In Day

Hey yall!

We are getting closer and closer everyday and I am way too excited :::running around apartment::: I officially have only 3 days until move in day. It is crunch time for me!

Today I wanted to give yall a last minute checklist of what you should be doing before Move In Day!

IT'S HERE. It is finally almost move in day. Have you done everything you need to yet? Here is a last minute checklist of 10 things you need to do before move in day! Make sure you're ready for the big day!

10 Things to do Before Move In!

1. Double, triple, and even quadruple check your packing list to make sure you have everything you need! If you don’t have a list yet, use mine!

2. Label your boxes and bins for the area of the room the stuff inside belongs in or a short list of what is inside so you know ahead of time. This way you aren’t spending most of your time searching through your boxes trying to find something.

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3. If you haven’t yet, contact your roommate!!! See if yall can arrange different times to move in so yall aren’t trying to arrange your side of the room with 12 members of your family at once. Yall all won’t fit in there anyways, so see if yall can arrange a move in schedule. This should be done before move in day so both of yall aren’t meeting or speaking for the very first time on move in day. There are plenty of things yall should talk about before move in day for you to save time and money!

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4. Double check your school website to make sure you aren’t trying to bring anything you are not allowed to bring with you.

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5. You should probably get renters insurance for your dorm just in case! I like to have something before I need it instead of wishing I had it once I need it. So you may not need it but it is safe to have.

6. Don’t forget the important stuff like your License, State ID, School ID, Passport, Birth Certificate, Bank Papers, or any other important documents. Keep them all in a safe folder so you know where to find them when you need them!

7. Send out your new address to friends and family who like to send you stuff. If they have your address they may just send you a care package which is probably the most exciting thing to happen in college. Update your address in your Amazon account or other places you shop so if you order something it doesn’t go all the way home.


8. Arrange your rides, U-haul, Truck, etc. for the trip. Double check airline tickets/shipment of things arriving separately to your dorm. Make sure you know who is driving, what time you’re leaving etc. so yall are on time. This will make move-in day a lot less stressful.

9. Have a last minute get together with all of your friends and go hang out in your hometown getting ice-cream at your fav spot, driving by your high-school, swinging on that old swing set, whatever nostalgic thing you feel like doing. Just enjoy your hometown before you leave it for a while.


10. The night before you leave be sure to stay at home and stay up late (but not too late) spending time with your family. Stay up playing family games, bake some cookies, have a movie night. Do something with your family because I can tell you that your mom, dad, brothers, and sisters will miss you terribly. It may not hit them until a week or two after you’re gone but they will miss you. Spend the last of your time with them because you will miss them too. No matter how much your 4 year old little sister annoys you.


Move In Day is right around the corner and I am actually serious about it this time. I feel like I’ve been saying that since like June, but now it is actually here yall. :::letting the anxiety set in::: Enjoy the time you have left, but make sure you get these last minute things done before move in day!

Can’t wait to write to yall from my dorm! :::screeches with excitement:::


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