Start With a Clean Slate This School Year

Hey yall!

I am going to try and cram as many back to school posts in this last 2 week window as I can, so I am apologizing now. BUT, these posts are for YOUR benefit, so you should actually be thanking me. You’re welcome.

Today I wanted to talk about how to start with a clean slate this school year. Everything that happened last year is over and high-school is behind you. Let’s start fresh this year and in college. There are so many opportunities available to you every year in college so don’t let last year drag you down and stop you from enjoying this year.




You are about to leave home so I suggest deep cleaning your room before you leave. Your mom will highly appreciate it. You might also find some last minute stuff you would like to bring with you. Vacuum, dust, mop, windex, and wipe down literally everything! If your mom is like mine she won’t even go in your room while you’re gone let alone clean it so if you leave it dirty you will come home to it dirty and I don’t like that feeling. Also, leaving with a clean slate will help you feel better about leaving and then coming home to a nice clean room.

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First off I don’t even know how some of all are getting through college already with over 1,000 emails in your inbox because your professors send you stuff, work, school? I mean do you not look at ANYTHING?! If you are sitting there saying “Yeah I look at the important stuff and then exit” you need to stop. If you are already in your email looking through the emails to find the important ones, why not just DELETE the not important ones while you’re at it so when you’re done there are 0 unread messages?!?! I can’t stand having any notification icons on my apps in my phone so I check my email as soon as I wake up and go through them. You should make that a daily task anyway. BUT, before school starts you need to hop on your computer and clean out your emails. That means creating folders and placing all the emails into their corresponding folders so it is all organized. After you are done there should 0 emails in your inbox. Then every morning you know which ones need organized and looked at. THEN, stay on top of it! Don’t let it keep getting messy! Unsubscribe from those annoying stores and random emails you get to make the checking of your email easier.

Book Bag


To have a clean slate this year we gotta have a clean book bag. Take everything out of it from last year and dump out all the crumbs that we all know you have. Clean the pockets, make it crispy. If it is impossible to clean out your book bag then I suggest just going to get a new one! That’s an even cleaner slate! If you clean out your bag now you won’t have to rush to do it the morning of the first day of classes when you are already running late on the first day, because we all know it’ll happen. Just clean it now and re-fill it with this years things ahead of time! Get it organized!

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This is the most important of them all. I need you to take some time to sit, close your eyes and clear your mind of any negative doubts about yourself, your roommate, classes, your dorm, professors, ANYTHING! You don’t want to walk into college already in a bad mood thinking bad thoughts. This will cause you to prejudge any situation you are in to agree with your thinking furthering your belief of how “bad” everything is. Don’t do that. Be positive! Positive people live longer, so just be happy and come to any new situation with wide eyes and an open mind. This is the key to college because you will come across so many new things, people, and ideas and you have the choice on how to react to them and what to do with them. I hope you smile, laugh, and accept every new situation that comes your way! College is exciting and fun! But only if you let it be!


College is closer than ever! Time to do some summer cleaning before leaving! I hope after cleaning these areas of your life you will feel much better, relaxed, and ready for college! Start with a new clean slate this year and make the best of whatever you are faced with! See you soon!


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