Paper Trail Planners are LIVE!

Hey yall!

It’s opening day yall! I have been so excited for this day and so excited to bring you some products to help you conquer college! I cannot wait to see how yall love them!


Yall should have seen me this morning. I was up super early getting last minute things done and double checking my website and triple checking my links. I closed my contest at 10am and around 11:30 I finally selected the winners of my raffle contest I was having.

If you didn’t hear about, my raffle contest then shame on you! That’s why I tell yall to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook because you will get up to date news 24/7!


I held a raffle contest for 3 people to win a FREE Paper Trail Planner and 5 other people to win a Planner Starter Pack! The 3 people who won the planners are: @cheer_macy, @viewsfromthemist, and @lexybee_05 (those are their IG usernames because I held the contest on IG.

The 5 people who won a Planner Starter Pack were: @_katydid17, @mearaangelo, @hannuh_07, @cassifloom, and @jaynaafuller!

Congratulations to those who won! Thank you to everyone who participated! Don’t worry I will hold plenty of more giveaways and contests and other little IG Games that yall will find out about soon!

My morning was jam packed trying to get everything squared away and ready for the 12 noon launch! I was counting down every hour and the minutes leading up to! Everyone around me had to hear about it-sorry not sorry!

But our site when LIVE today at 12 noon and yall can check it out hereΒ if you haven’t already. There is also a tab in my menu up top titled “Shop” that will take you to the site. You can also find a shop button on our Facebook Page!

Go check it out, shop around! Create and customize your very own Paper Trail Planner for the upcoming school year!


I hope yall are just as excited as I am about the launch and Paper Trail Planners in general. I love creating these for yall so I am so incredibly happy they are finally available for yall to get and customize! I cannot wait to hear your feedback of the planners and to create more themes and accessories for yall!



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