Paper Trail Planners RELEASE DATE!

Hey yall!

I am super excited to write to yall today. I’m sure yall can guess that I am SUPER BUSY trying to get everything ready for opening day-which I haven’t even told yall about yet!!


If you only read my blog I am so sorry yall are the last to know, but you should really follow our Instagram Account @mydriftingdesk because we’ve been posting sneak peeks of our planners as well as updating you on the release day and other ways you can stay informed about the planners. So go follow our Instagram!!


Another way yall can stay up to date on new releases, giveaways-yes I said giveaways, contests, and other updates on My Drifting Desk is through My Drifting Desk’s Facebook Page. We will be posting about new blog posts so yall don’t miss out on those either as well as keeping you in the loop of new products coming out with Paper Trail Planners, holding contests and giveaways for items, and just connecting and getting feedback from people on our blog and business. So go like us on Facebook if you haven’t already!

Yall already know about our YouTube Channel because I have already posted videos and linked them through my blog so if you haven’t subscribed to us yet-what in the heck are you doing?! You’ll get to see a first look at the planners being released on Friday on our YouTube Channel s0 don’t miss that video coming soon!!

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Whew. I know that sounds like a lot, but this way you will know about things from all fronts-just in case I forget to post about it in the one place you do follow, sorry.

Let’s get into the juicy details now!

My Drifting Desk is opening it’s doors to it’s planner line: Paper Trail Planners THIS FRIDAY JULY 15th at 12 noon! Go and mark your calendars NOW! Our shop will be frequently adding items so there’s always a reason to check it out & see what we’re up to!

Visit The Site Here!

Let’s recap what you’re about to do after finishing reading this post:

  1. Subscribe to my blog
  2. Follow our Instagram account so you don’t miss out on anymore release dates, important tidbits and giveaways!
  3. Like us on Facebook so you are in the loop on My Drifting Desk AND Paper Trail Planners.
  4. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel so you don’t miss out on the first look videos + college related videos, duh.

Since I didn’t tell yall about the release date until much later, I am going to tell yall a secret that no one but my blog readers will know!

My Drifting Desk is giving away it’s first 3 Paper Trail Planners for FREE!!!!!!

This is a little snippet video of me choosing the winners!

WHAT?!?! I know. I have made 1 of each theme that will be going to 3 lucky people. The first person will be able to choose out of the 3 the next out of the 2 and the last lucky winner will get the final planner FOR FREE!!!!!

Want to know another secret?!?!!? 5 other people will get a FREE planner STARTER KIT full of things that will help you decorate and stay organized with your new Paper Trail Planner!

Here is a sneak peek of the planner starter kits that went to 5 lucky people!

I am just full of surprises and free things huh?!

So that means yall gotta be on your game when they release and stay tuned for the first look video to see how you can win either a FREE PLANNER or a FREE STARTER KIT to go along with your new planner!!!


EEEK! I am so excited yall. I have been working my BUTT OFF on this stuff and I am so proud of them and I am super excited to finally let yall see them and for you to order some of your very own!

I am going to go now before I just give too much stuff and secrets away!! See yall soon!!



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