What College Classes Should You Take + When?

Hey yall!

I know a lot of incoming freshman have already been to orientation but I also know a lot haven’t yet and there’s one thing you will be doing while you are there: scheduling classes. But do you know what to take?


My tips to have a perfect schedule would be to start it slow and steady. By that I mean take those easier GE classes, or general education classes. Those are the classes that you have to take to graduate that can be about anything and don’t have to be related to your major at all. They make you a more well rounded student-says the university.

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I started my first 2 semesters out by taking mostly GEs and classes that were prerequisites to my bigger major classes such as any math, science, and english classes.

I recommend doing this if you are able to because you want to get the hang of college and figure out the way you learn, the best way for you to study or take notes, the types of classes you like, and have a basis before diving head first into the deep end of college classes.

College is different than high-school in many ways and you want to figure out those ways before you need to and it’s too late. You may find out that you never studied in high-school but once you get to college you have to (like me). It is better to figure out you need to study for your next quiz in a basic english class than in a 4000 level class for your major. An 1100 course is easier to rebound from than a 4000 course in most cases.

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In some cases you will be required to take certain classes your first 2 semesters because you will be applying to things like nursing school for example after freshman year. At OSU they have a list of classes you must have taken and how many credit hours you need to have before you can apply and get accepted into nursing and other colleges. So if any of you are in that boat then go online and see what those requirements are before scheduling your classes so you don’t screw yourself at the end of freshman year when you go to apply and find out you’re missing a class and have to push back applying another year.

Scheduling easier classes at the beginning is also beneficial is because those of you who are applying into a certain college within your university needs a high GPA especially if that college is competitive and only has a certain amount of slots available. OSU only accepts so many students into its nursing college so you have to be the best of the best to get in. What helps that is your GPA. Taking easier classes will boost your GPA and will help you out in the beginning because they are easier for you to ace.

Trying to bounce back from a bad GPA is so much harder than keeping that high GPA up, trust me. So start off strong and it will be easier to stay at the top. This will help you out in the long run so if you take one thing away from this post it should be: take freshman year seriously because it matters. This is the same message yall got freshman year of high-school that most of you probably shrugged off and didn’t care about until senior year when your GPA was hurting because of those freshman year classes. Don’t let that happen agin!! Get your life together at the beginning of your college career and your GPA will thank you your senior year.

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Of course while you are at orientation you will most likely be provided with an academic advisor who can answer any questions for you and point you in the right direction for classes you should take. I am only here giving you the perspective of a student because there are some things the advisors won’t tell you to do because that is not their job.

If your university provides packets of required classes or credits and general education classes needed for your major then take them. Keep this packet because it will come in handy when you start scheduling classes on your own-which you will have to do every semester after your first.

I created myself a course projection sheet my first semester where I planned out all of the classes I would be taking all 4 years and what semester I would be taking them so I knew I had all of the required classes in mind to take, I have all of my credits accounted for, and that I am taking the right classes in the right order-by that I mean some classes have prerequisites meaning you have to take a certain class before you can take another. If you waited until senior year to take a class that had a prerequisite then you’ve pushed back your graduation date because this semester you have to take your prerequisite and then the actual class you needed. Sometimes classes will have more than 1 prerequisite so be prepared and look up your classes online if you can in a course catalogue to see any prerequisites that are required before taking a class.


I hope this helps you understand how to schedule your classes and what classes you should be taking at certain times! Happy Scheduling!


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