The Best Deals on College Dorm Room Shopping

Hey yall!

So we have our packing list, we know the layout of your dorm, and we now know how to budget our shopping list so we are ready to go out there and shop till we drop right?! WRONG! 

One more thing to think about is where you’ll be doing your dorm shopping at. You want to find cute things but also at a good price right? Of course. I am here to help you utilize the sweet deals on all of the best dorm room supplies.

My Drifting Desk | Conquer College. The Best Deals on College Dorm Room Shopping

Student Discounts

I am going to start us out with a list of places that offer student discounts!!

  • H&M, Charlotte Russe, and Forever 21 offer student discounts up to 15-20% at certain locations if you’re shopping for school clothes!
  • Best Buy, Apple, and Microsoft have great student discounts that I took advantage of to buy my MacBook Air for school. So if you’re looking for a new tablet, surface, or laptop go use that discount!!!
  • Amazon offers a student discount with their 6month free trail for FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING!! After your 6 month free trail if you still want to be a member you get 50% off the membership fee (and trust me it is soooo worth it). So sign up for that 6 month free trail and order everything you could possibly need for college and use that free shipping!! IF you don’t want to pay the actual membership fee then be sure to do all of your ordering for school stuff within that 6 month period and remember to cancel your subscription!
  • JoAnn Fabrics has a Student Discount Program where you can get 2 money saving coupons and a 10% discount on your entire purchase EVERY DAY. I am signed up for this and I use this to my advantage for all of my DIY projects! Making DIY dorm room decor is so much cheaper than buying it! Plus, it’s more fun to be able to customize it and make it yourself!

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  • Bed Bath & Beyond offer 20% off coupons and other offers if you sign up for their college e-mails to help buy those big items like bedding, shelving, and closet organizing items!
  • Walmart has a student discount of 4% cash back on all of your purchases to help with shopping for the small stuff like school supplies, bath stuff, and those big comfy round chairs everyone has in your dorms.

There are plenty of other places all around the country that offer different kinds of student discounts including food, clothing, and shopping places to cover everything on your college shopping list. I only included these couple to keep it to a minimum! You can always search for stores in your area that I may not have mentioned or have around me to see if they offer a student discount of their own! Columbus is such a big city full of small and big shops and pretty much all of them accept my BuckID and offer student discounts because OSU students are a great deal of their traffic and business.

Where to Go Shopping

The Dollar Tree. Hear me out now, everything in there is only a dollar and they have awesome stuff in there for organizing and making your room colorful. I always get their storage bins to help organize and I also buy all my hangers there in the same color so my closet matches!

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Another great cheap place is 5 Below. You can find jewelry and closet organizers along with bins, step stools, shower shoes (because they’re a MUST), twinkling lights, lamps, rugs, artwork, and so much more! If you haven’t been there before everything in the store is $5 and below, hence the name. The bins in the right hand closet (my side) as well as the hanging sweater holder was purchased at 5 below, each for $5.00! Something so simple and cheap helped me organize my closet perfectly and matched my color scheme!


Target has that great section at the front of the store called their Dollar Spot where you can come across good finds for your dorm like organizational things, decorative things, pens, pencils, thank-you cards, cups, pretty much anything. Of course the rest of the store has great stuff for your college dorm room but yall know how I like my dollar stores. They always switch out their collection with different color schemes so you are bound to find some stuff in there to match your room sometime throughout the summer! and the best thing is, everything in the dollar spot is $5.00 and under as well! I found this gold and white medium sized pineapple ceramic bowl at the Target Dollar Spot to match my new gold and black room and I am IN LOVE! 


Now, if I had to choose my favorite store of all time it would be The Container Store. This store is an organizational heaven for OCD people like me. It is a store filled with containers and other things to hold/hang/organize other things!!!! It is amazing! I always find so much in there it is great. When I say I spend hours in the dollar store, you don’t even want to know how much time I spend in here. Now the prices are a little up there on some things but sometimes you can come across some great stuff for cheap or even in the clearance isles. They have great make-up storage, desk organization, and even a college section!

I bought some of my decorations, paintings, and make-up storage containers from TJ Maxx because it is a discount store, which I love. I don’t like paying full price for anything. So stop by there to see what they have in the back of the store because if you have never been in one before it is not all clothes. They have great home items at great prices. But of course if you are in need of some college clothes you can shop here too!

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Bed Bath & Beyond is huge. It has wall to wall of college dorm room and apartment stuff, and then some! They have college sections that have a lot of closet organization stuff along with bedding, laundry, shower, and extra storage stuff. AND you can use your student discount!

Walmart is another place that you can use your student discount at that also has good dorm stuff, for cheap. You can find comforters or duvets and covers at a good price along with fans, lamps, rugs, caddys, towels, and everything else you would need.

Not many people want to shop here, but I love Goodwill! Of course, everything there is super cheap, which I love, and I love the search for the good items. They’re not all out there screaming at you. You have to look through all the shelves of nick nacks to find the perfect thing for your dorm room! I recently found this glass jewelry box at Goodwill for $4.99 and I am in love with it (and the price)! It matches my new gold and black room perfectly!

Last but not least, what I did for most of my college stuff is order it through this site in a package! All of my stuff came in one big box and was warranted for all 4 years of college! This came with so much for so cheap. I am telling you, go this route instead of buying everything separate. You WILL save money! You get 27 items (in this package) for only $249 right now. Basically all of the items you will need for your dorm comes in this package. Everything else you buy outside of this is just extra stuff. So go check out this website for a great deal!

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 4.02.40 PM


Yall are now offically 100% prepared to go shopping for your dorm room with your packing list, to-buy list, already have list, your layout spreadsheets, your budget at hand, and now a list of places that offer a student discount as well as other places that are great for shopping for a dorm room!


I used this site & this site for some of the information on student discounts.

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