Color Coordinating Your College Dorm Room

Hey yall!

Now that we’ve chosen what resident hall and dorm room we want to live in all we can do is wait for the placements. Once your college has contacted you with housing assignments we can move onto the more specified stuff once you know exactly where you’re placed.

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For now we can work on the less specified stuff for your room like your color scheme! This part was exciting for me because I could completely re-do my favorite colors or schemes that I currently had in my room. My room back home is black, tan, and white. I decided I wanted my dorm room to be full of color since my actual room is not. Some of you might want to just take everything from your room to your dorm room and duplicate what you already have which is fine too.


Let’s Start By…

Thinking about your favorite color. Mine is pink obviously. Now my freshman year dorm room was cute and all but it was too bland for me after a while because literally the only colors I had in there was pink, black, and white. So this year I want to keep the pink but add more colors to it so it is more colorful and just not overwhelmingly pink.

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So I started looking at flowers. Why flowers you ask? Because nature creates the most beautiful colors naturally. Colors that are on a flower will go great together and complement each other well in any living space. If you search natural colorful flowers on Google this is some of the stuff that will pop up and you can scroll through and get inspiration this way by seeing the 2nd picture in the group having pink, green, and white and now you’re thinking “Those colors look great together, I want that!” or looking at the third picture and saying “I never thought to put yellow with a deep red or brown, I’m going with that!”. If you want a more specified search you can narrow your search to natural yellow flowers, or exotic flowers to get some awesome color combinations.

You can also go to Pinterest and search color schemes of paint swabs and room examples with colors to get some ideas. The results on Pinterest are endless. You can also just search interior designing rooms and you will see a lot of beautiful rooms that look so perfect they almost look fake and you will get a lot of ideas from that.

You can follow my Dorm Room Board on Pinterest @muhhrisahh!

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 12.34.20 PM

Once you have your main color it is easy to come up with the accent colors and background colors you want. I chose pink to be my main color and then I looked at flowers and paint swabs for colors to match. I want to have blues, pinks, and purples in my room with touches of gold, black, and white.  I couldn’t find a picture of those colors watched perfectly together like I have it but I got that inspiration though multiple different pictures and also playing off of the colors I already have in my room that I want to reuse next year.

You want to make sure you have enough colors to work with but not too many that there is just so much going on in your room because too many colors can be confusing and too busy for such a small area.

While you’re looking at colors you can also look at patterns or prints that may go along with your color scheme or theme of the room. My room at home is black and tan so I have leopard print pillows and other accents around the room because it matches my color scheme while also adding depth to the room.

These patterns and prints can help you add depth because then accent stuff you will have in your room such as pillows, blankets, rugs, artwork won’t only be solid color things. Having prints and patterns gives your room character and adds a little something extra that you can’t get with solid colors.

Here’s a picture for an example. This room is white, pink, and black, but she added those colorful flower pillows to her bed to give it some more color and depth. All of those colors aren’t in her color scheme for the room but they tie everything together nicely. THIS is what you should be going for!

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 1.54.00 PM.png

I want to add that you can be looking for a color scheme BUT you can also be looking for a room theme.

By that I mean you can come up with a theme for your room that will in return provide colors for you. For example: If I wanted a beach theme room then I will probably be going with blues, greens, reds, yellows, anything beachy. So if you aren’t sure what colors you want start thinking about the kinds of things you will want in your room like seashells, signs, ropes, etc. that could bring you to a theme and will give you the colors.

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If you are rooming with a friend of yours or someone you are already planning to room with then you both can also coordinate your colors together to match each other or play off of each other to bring the whole room together. You could have purple as your main color and your roommate could have green as her main color. Y’all can tie those colors together by adding blues, pinks, different shades of green and purple and add accents that would match both sides of the room and make the room like coordinated together instead of a half and half room where your half is completely yours and it looks good by itself but it clashes with your roommates colors.

If you are like me and get bored easily, I recommend choosing colors that can be easily manipulated or switched out for other ones. For example: I have pink, black, and white my first year, I am now bored with that and want to change. The good thing about my choice is that it is easy to add more color to that. I just add blues and purples and everything still matches. I don’t have to throw anything away or buy a whole new bedspread or anything. I just buy new accents to add to the room. That way I can also change those colors again the following year and just switch out the pillows and rug color and it looks like a whole new room! Keep it versatile!

Go looking for inspiration! Look in magazines for interior designing techniques. Use different resources to help you come up with the perfect theme or scheme for your new dorm room! And remember have fun with it!


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