DIY Necklace Stand

Hey yall!

I am back with a new College Craft!! This past weekend my boyfriend and I moved into our first apartment and we have been getting everything settled and together for a couple of days now. Now that everything is pretty much set and in its place I realized now that I am not in my dorm anymore I don’t have anywhere to put my necklaces. So I made somewhere to put them that matched my DIY Jewelry Holder!

Showcase and organize your necklace collection with this easy DIY project that costs you under $10 to make!


  • 2 Pringle cans
  • scissors
  • glue
  • sharpie/marker
  • cardboard
  • fabric/felt


1. Your piece of cardboard will the base of your necklace stand so cut it to your desired size. Then cut a piece of cloth about an inch bigger than your cardboard. Use your Pringle can as a guide and cut a hole out of the middle of your square of fabric. Glue your fabric to your cardboard piece.

2. Take one of your Pringle cans and cut a triangle out of one end of the can. Place the cut end in the middle of your other Pringle can and trace the end with your sharpie. Cut this circle out of the second Pringle can.

3. Place the Pringle can with the triangle cut out inside of the Pringle can with the whole in the middle. It will look like a T. Measure the length of the bottom Pringle can and cut your cloth to this length. Glue the cloth to the bottom can.

4. Do the same with the top Pringle can being sure to make marks of where the bottom can is. You want to cut half circles around this part so your cloth will wrap around your cans correctly. Glue this down.

5. Glue your bottom Pringle can to the opening hole of your cardboard piece (your base). Then cut 2 cloth holes to cover the openings of your top Pringle can.

6. Allow your necklace holder to dry for 24 before using for the best results. After it dries just add your necklaces and you are done!





While I was searching for a necklace holder I came across a couple of them ranging from $15-$45 and I am not the type to spend that kind of money on something when I can build it myself, so I did!

This DIY project was under $10 to create! It could also be cheaper if you already have a box laying around to use as the base, by buying the Pringle cans from the dollar store, using a sharpie laying around the house, and by using the glue you already bought from making your DIY Jewelry Display!

I think this is a perfect college craft that is cheap, useful, and cute for the dorm (or apartment)! You can use different colors and different designs on your cloth to make it match the color scheme of your room!


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