Erin Condren Planner DUPE!

Hey yall!

I have found the best thing EVER! I have found an Erin Condren Life Planner DUPE! Yeah, that’s right. Now you don’t have to pay $60 for a standard, typical planner that everyone else has. Check it out!

Stop paying $60 for a generic planner that everyone else has. Pay $20-$35 for a planner that is completely customizable and unique to YOU! Check out this Erin Condren Life Planner DUPE!

When I say I have found an Erin Condren dupe I really mean I have created an Erin Condren dupe! By that I mean I have started my own business designing, and hand making academic planners to help students everywhere conquer college. I have named my collection of planners..

Paper Trail Planners

Planner: Splash of Serenity

Paper Trail Planners offers free customization of your front cover, interchangeable front covers, multiple planner themes all with it’s own unique layout inside, the option to add and take out pages that you want more of or don’t use at all, and we offer super cute planner accessories such as planner bands, colorful tabs, and my very own creation: a mission board!

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 4.31.03 PM.png

Paper Trail Planners is a small business ran out of college dorm room. I design every page of your planner on my laptop and print, cut, and assemble your planner by hand in my dorm. Every page is printed on weighed paper so you don’t have bleeding from the ink or your pens. I offer two different cover options: standard hardback or laminated interchangeable. The hardback covers are thick and laminated for protection from spills then wire bound with durable O-Wire. Our interchangeable covers are laminated and hole punched with a special punching meant for disc binding. This allows for your cover, and inner pages, the freedom to be taken out, replaced, and rearranged with ease.

The many options we have allows you to customize and create a planner that is an extension of your personality. They are unique to YOU and only YOU! No one will have the exact same planner as you.

Paper Trail Planners was created and designed by a college student with other college students in mind. Our layouts, pages, and designs are meant for optimal organization and planning while staying up to date on college assignments and college life. Paper Trail Planners have it all!

Paper Trail Planners - Customizable Planners 2017 Collection Midnight
Planner: Midnight

I strive to create custom and cute planners to help you stay organized while in college, with your college budget in mind. You don’t have to pay $60 for a planner like everyone else’s when you can pay $20-$35 for a custom and unique planner that was created with your needs in mind.

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 4.36.48 PM.png

And just because you are all apart of my blogging family and you have been supporting me through this journey I want to give you your first Paper Trail Planner at a discounted rate! Get $10 off your first Paper Trail Planner HERE!

On our website you can explore the many different themes and layouts we offer and get a behind the scenes look with our First Look Videos and photoshoot with happy college students trying to conquer college with their own Paper Trail Planner. 

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I am so excited to bring you this cheaper alternative to a very popular and expensive life planner! I hope you can create your very own Paper Trail Planner that helps you conquer college!



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