When One Door Closes Another One Opens

Hey yall!

So I have been spending a lot of time thinking about my freshman year and everything that has happened a lot lately since I am officially no longer #New2OSU anymore and I am now a Sophomore! One thing that has stayed on my mind and keeps coming back in my head is the saying “When one doors closes another one opens” and “every setback is a setup for a comeback”. These 2 sayings have been speaking to me lately because they are 100% true.

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I applied for a Peer Leader position at OSU as a summer job that would be full time making $10 an hour with housing and dining provided for me. That job sounded amazing and perfect so I could stay in Columbus with D practically for free. I was super excited and nervous because this was a big deal to me. I had interviewed plenty of times before but for little things. I went shopping for a new outfit, and practiced with questions and answers. I got all done-up that day and I was feeling confident.

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When I got to the interview one of the people complimented me on my blazer and my professional look and I took that as a good sign. I sat down feeling less nervous because one of the people interviewing me I had met before. I made sure to keep eye contact, speak fluently, smile, etc. for all of the questions and I thought I was killing it! When it was over I shook everyones hands and left feeling good. I had no doubt that I was going to get the position. My friend and I both applied together and had back to back interviews so afterwards we talked about our performances and how we felt about them. We had completely opposite feelings about our interviews. I felt confident and thought I did good, she didn’t think she did so well and thought she could have answered questions better.

Now all we had to do was wait for an email saying we made it to the next round of group interviews for the position. The day they were going to be sent out we were anxiously waiting and checking our emails all day. My friend got hers first and sreen-shotted it and sent it to me. It said she moved onto the next round! I was so happy for her! I went to check my email and nothing. It took about a half hour after she got hers for me to get mine. When it came I was so excited and starting reading only to find out that I didn’t move onto the next round of interviews. I was upset because I thought for sure I had it and I wanted it so bad. It was the perfect job. I was still very happy for my friend for moving on (and fast forward 2 more weeks when she found out that she actually received the job, so YAY) but I started worrying about what I was going to do now for the summer. I would have to leave D and go home for the summer and get some fast food job back home, which I didn’t want to do. It was devastating.

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That door closed for me, but another one opened.

That weekend while my friend was in her group interview I went to a cheerleading competition that my old gym was competing at down in Columbus to see everyone. As I was there I ran into an old NEO coach that now coaches for BCE down in Columbus and he asked what I was doing over the summer and I told him I didn’t know yet. He then brought to my attention that there was a position open at BCE for me that I would be perfect for. At first I didn’t think much of it. I just assumed I wouldn’t be able to or not get the job. He then gave me his boss’ email and told me to email her saying who I was and that he referred me to her about a job position. She emailed me back immediately setting up an interview! I wasn’t expecting that AT ALL!

Over the next couple of weeks I had 2 interviews and then accepted the job as a tumbling instructor and apart of the administrative side of their prep level rec teams along with their coach. I was so excited. Now I am finishing up my first month there and I have made valuable friendships and bonds with the athletes and staff at the gym in such a short amount of time. I have learned a whole new side to cheerleading that I wasn’t aware of because I was an athlete and not the instructor, coach, or administrative person. I am so excited to get started with my own teams later on in the year and for right now I have loved learning to spot tumbling and help athletes get their skills.

It has been so rewarding being the one to help young ones get simple skills such as their forward roll or back walkover and older ones land their standing tuck. I go home happy after every day at work talking D’s head off about the skills I spotted, the girls I helped, and the new stuff I learned. I am excited to go into work everyday. I love that some of the athletes are excited to see me, want me to watch them, count for them, spot them, anything. It really means a lot to me that they are that way with me because that is my favorite thing about cheerleading; just the friendships and memories you create through it.

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I am telling yall this because I have recently come to the realization that although I didn’t get the job I wanted originally and that door was slammed in my face, another one opened up that was a much better match for me. If I would have gotten the Peer Leader position I wouldn’t have been able to accept the coaching position because I would be working 8am-8pm every day during the week with no time to coach or instruct. So when you think an awesome opportunity has been placed before you, you try with all of your might to get it, but you fail don’t start feeling sorry for yourself and being upset.

Accept that things didn’t turn out how you originally wanted them to. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I was meant to be here at BCE and not working as a Peer Leader. That opportunity was taken away from me so I could have a better one. That is what you have to realize. That setback was preparing me and allowing me to engage in something so much more worth while. So don’t be upset and don’t question because there is a reason for everything and everything happens for a reason. You might not know why things are happening in that moment but things will all come together and in time you realize and see the plan that was laid before you.

I have really realized that the Peer Leader position was set before me, I tried so hard to get it, but I didn’t. That happened for a reason. I didn’t know why at the moment. I questioned it and I was upset. Why wasn’t I good enough? What could I have done better? What am I going to do? All of that stressing and questioning for nothing because there was something better waiting for me. So even though you may want something really badly and you don’t understand why you can’t have it just take a step back, breath, and trust that that door was closed for a reason and that another bigger door will be opening soon.

After realizing that and seeing how that truly happened in my life I have changed the way I look at everything. I even accept getting stuck in traffic, or losing something, anything. Because I was put in this traffic for some reason, maybe I lost my favorite pen because I’m going to get a better one, you never know! Always look at setbacks with optimism. I feel like my quality of life has improved since I’ve changed my outlook on things and I just feel much more positive about myself and my life and less stressed and anxious about things that don’t always go my way.


I challenge you to try this. Take one day free of complaining or negativity. Everything that happens to you, find a way to turn it around to something positive. Stuck in traffic? This gives you more alone time before you have to go home and do 100 things. Anything and everything that happens, take a dee breath and turn it into something good. Don’t complain about anything and look at the silver lining in things. I can guarantee just 1 day of this will change your entire outlook and mood. Embrace the world with open positive arms!


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