Reflection of My Freshman Year of College

Hey yall!

So this is it. I made it through my freshman year of college. Can you believe it? I can’t, honestly. This year FLEW by. I literally feel like I just moved in a month ago and now my roommate it already gone and I am sitting in an empty dorm room by myself waiting to head home.

I want to sit here and reflect on my time spent here at OSU my first year.


This was me in the Summer of 2015 at my Orientation right after I got my Buck ID and I was officially an OSU student. I was so happy that day. I got all dolled up with a cute outfit, curled hair, and makeup for this picture so my ID picture would be good, only to find out they take the picture literally right below your chin and up! All of my curls were at the bottom of my hair, so you couldn’t tell I curled my hair, and you can’t see any part of my outfit! At least my makeup was still fleeky in the picture.


I do want to say at this point in Orientation I was scared to come to this big campus. They were giving us tours and showing us around and all I could think about was how the hell am I supposed to find anything on this campus and know where I am and where I need to be. It was very overwhelming to think about, that is what I was most nervous about. BUT, It only took me a month or so to get the hang of things and figure out the bus system and where key landmarks are so I knew where I was and which way I need to be going. So don’t be overwhelmed by a big campus, you will get used to it!

Fast forward a month or so after orientation and here I am, packing all of my stuff up getting ready to head down to move in! Of course I had to take this cute picture because the box that held my bedding and other bed stuff had this cute quote saying I’ve just aced move in! I remember that 2 hour drive to Columbus being the longest 2 hours of my life. I was so anxious to get there and get moved in! I was so anxious to see my room and start setting it up how I wanted and decorating it! My mom and Step-Dad drove down in their truck and D and I drove down in his car because I needed extra room for all my crap (are you surprised?). The whole way I just talked and talked about how excited I was to get started.


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At this point in our relationship he wasn’t moving down to Columbus, nor did we really have plans for him to. So it was a happy but sad car ride because I was excited to get there but I knew once I got there, it would be time to say goodbye and he would have to leave. This was really hard for me because for the past 2 years we went to school with each other so we saw each other everyday, now I won’t see him for weeks at a time until he could come down and visit me. It was hard for him and I to be really excited because we knew what was coming at the end of move-in.

But, fast forward another couple months and D was on his way down to Columbus to live! We only had to live apart for 4 months or so which was of course hard but we made it work. He came and visited often and we face timed a lot. My message to yall is long distance relationships CAN work. Yes I know, 2 hours isn’t a long distance relationship per say but if both of yall want that relationship bad enough yall can make it work. So don’t feel discouraged by going to a different college than your significant other because you need to ultimately work on YOU and what YOU want.

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So choose the college best for YOU, not what is best for a relationship that, to be honest, may not last forever. Of course we want it to, but you have to realize that it may not and you have to work on your education and do what makes you happy in case it doesn’t. Obviously for me, I chose OSU even though it was away from him and it was a hard decision to make because I was looking to the future with him. I saw that going to OSU would be a better opportunity for me to get a great education that will lead me to a great law school which will get me a great degree that I will be able to get any job I want with great pay that will ultimately help our family and future. So you have to look past the now and look far ahead to make a decision like that. OSU is what was best for me AND my relationship with D.

Of course yall already know there were tears shed on move in day by my mom and I because I am her youngest and now she has an empty nest at home. Her last baby is off to college. This was us on move-in day with my building sign. Don’t you love their matching OSU Mom and Dad shirts! Cheesy I know.


This was the final product after HOURS AND HOURS of moving into this tiny dorm. My roommate was apart of a program that let her move in earlier that summer so all of her stuff was already in the room all set up. That was hard to work around because there was already stuff everywhere. So first we had to clean up a little and move everything around to a new layout (because she didn’t touch the room when she moved in, she left it for me to organize and move around because I love doing all of that). This was our second or third layout we moved the room to and we finally liked this one.


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I got to move in earlier than everyone else on campus because I signed up to the an OWL which stands for Ohio State Welcome Leader. I get to move in early because on actual move in day I get to help un-pack people’s cars, load carts of stuff, and bring it up to their rooms. OSU is known for their smooth move in days and how efficient we are, and part of that is because of the OWLs. I was very happy to be apart of move in day in a different way by helping those moving in! This next coming year I will actually be an OWL C which is an OWL Coordinator which means I’ll have my own flock of OWLS (so past me’s) to be in charge of to help them get trained on how to efficiently move people in! So I still get to be apart of move in day as an OWL again but just higher up in the ranks! I can’t wait!


I know yall have already seen these pictures but I am going to show them again for reminiscing purposes. The left picture was me at the beginning of my first day of school. I was that try hard freshman who wanted to look so cute. But by the end of the day I was already exhausted and ended up looking like the picture on the right. I love this because this is an accurate representation of your motivation for school throughout the year, except mine happened in one day.

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After a while you won’t care what you look like too much, you won’t want to get up 2 hours earlier than you have to in order to do your hair and makeup, you will wake up at the last possible second, throw on whatever is on top of your drawer or first on a hanger and probably not even brush your hair and go. That is what college is like for me now. So I had high expectations for myself at the beginning of the day but those soon dwindled and here I am today sitting in joggers, an old fiesta bowl t-shirt, my hair in a messy bun, with no makeup not caring one bit. But I love it.

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During the first week of classes there is a whole bunch of stuff that goes on that is apart of what they call Welcome Week! Welcome week helps welcome returning OSU students back to campus but more importantly get new OSU students acclimated to campus and college life. We had convocation which is where every freshman sat in the Schott together and we heard Dr. Jay an President Drake give inspirational speeches to us about our journey ahead of us, we heard the best damn band in the land and we received our very first tassle! It was so cool to be in one room with your entire class.


They told us this will be the only time all of us will be together because come graduation day we might have lost a few or some graduated early or staying later, so right now is the only time you are sitting with the entire class of 2019 at OSU. I looked around and remember seeing so many people, the stands were FULL and so was the floor. It was so overwhelming to see so many people and then think of how many people are already here on campus but I had to remind myself that yes there are thousands of people here in this room with me but that means there are thousands of people who are just as nervous, scared, and overwhelmed as me.

This picture represents to me the balance of school, play, and relationships. We have to plan dates and things to do around my class schedule, midterms, homework assignments, work, and finals. This day I had class in the morning, we went to play mini golf and eat pizza then I went back and worked on homework. This is what we had to do all year and I worked for us because we make sure to make time for each other which is important but also hard with both of our buy schedules. There has been times where we couldn’t hang out, or go to dinner like we originally planned on because things pop up. I realize I have homework or I picked up a work shift so I could make extra money and we had to be okay with that without being upset with each other. Which I think we did a good job at. He is very good at giving me my time to do school and allowing me to put that first before we go do something or hang out and I am very grateful for that.


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Soon it was parent and family weekend! My mom came down and we hung out all weekend doing things the university planned for the families. We celebrated Brutus’ 50th birthday and she got to walk around campus and eat campus food with me for the weekend! It was very fun having her down on campus with me living a little bit of campus life because although she’s been to college and whatnot she never lived on campus or in a dorm because at that point she was living in an apartment, same with my sister, so I am the first one in the family to be on campus living so it is very neat.


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Soon I was starting my first day of work at the front desk of my building. I have had a job back home so it wasn’t my first job but I was still a little nervous having a job during college because college is nothing like high school. I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to handle it all. But this position turned out to be perfect for me because the shifts are small 2 hour increments where I can go to class come home work for only 2 hours and go to class again or go work on homework. It was a small commitment that I could handle better than a job working 6-8 hour days along with classes. The other good thing about this position is that I was able to do homework behind the desk after I finished my desk duties. This was really helpful because it made me sit down and work on stuff since I didn’t have anything better to do, unless I got sidetracked by Netflix.

Ultimately this position was great for me and I am so glad I took it because I was making money during school for extra stuff and working small amounts of hours and I was still able to get my work done. With that being said, yall already know I have kept this position for over the summer because I loved it so much. So I will be staying in Columbus to work at Siebert’s front desk again along with my other cheerleading coaching position!

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I was able to join an amazing student organization through our Involvement Fair in the fall. I joined USG which is Undergraduate Student Government. I wanted to be apart of this because I ultimately want to be apart of our own government one day, specifically in our justice system. I though this would be an awesome opportunity to get some hands on experience just working with a smaller level government while meeting new people. I am in the Student Affairs committee specifically in the Resident Life subcommittee so I work on policies to help improve the experience of students living on campus during their time at OSU. I have loved this opportunity although it was A LOT of work that sometimes was overwhelming. It was worth it. I will be returning next year!


I voted for my first time ever and it was so rewarding. I just felt so official, if that even makes sense. I felt like a true citizen that is taking advantage of my right to vote! I know, I am a little dramatic but oh well. This was just a small step for me that meant a lot because it meant I was growing up. I am officially an adult with the right to vote, and I did it! I didn’t just complain about what is going on in our system and country, I went into the polls and voted to change the things I didn’t like. I am an active citizen in my community that stays on top of things that are happening and being aware of policies and politics around me. I suggest everyone take advantage of this right to vote and actually go do it instead of complaining about who is president or who is this or that, go out there and make a difference. Stay up to date on current events not just in the US, but all over the world because those things affect you here in the US!


Before I knew it I was partaking in my very first Ohio State vs. Michigan week at OSU. I must say, it is as crazy and even more crazy then they say. There was so much school spirit that week and so much going on, I loved it. My building lit up certain rooms to make our building light up like a block O for a night during this week. I also made my first buckeye necklace which is a huge milestone here at OSU. I can’t wait to keep being apart of this week for the next 4 years, and ultimately for life. I am especially excited because next year the Michigan game will be home and I can’t wait to see how crazy this town and campus gets during this.


I TURNED 19!!!!! Yayyy!!! For my birthday I went to the animal shelter and played with kittens. What else would I do? My mom came down and we celebrated with dinner and cake of course. It was weird having a birthday away from home and all of my family.


After my birthday, I started brainstorming things I wanted to do. I wanted to have my own niche. That is when I started researching blogs and how to create my own. For those of you who haven’t yet, look at my blog on a desktop computer instead of your phone because it looks SO much cooler on there. There are special effects and stuff that don’t show up on mobile devices that I just love. But I love my blog now. My new lay out is just so professional looking to me and easier to navigate and just more aesthetically pleasing to me.

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I survived my first winter in college, which was hard I must say. I had 8am’s this semester and getting up that early when it was that cold was the struggle.


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I get bored easily and I LOVE change so D and i rearranged the room but I never actually took a picture of it other than this one. So you don’t really get to see how the room looked but you get the gist. We had the beds bunked and both desks up against the other wall. This floor plan gave us TONS of floor space and room for when friends came over and just lounging around. The only con of this was that since I had 8ams and I was on the top bunk I had to climb down every morning super quiet (which is impossible) so that I didn’t wake up my roommate. But we survived it, until I got bored again and we changed it again.


I MADE THE FREAKING DEANS LIST for the first semester! I am super proud of myself for keeping all A’s my first semester while juggling a boyfriend, student orgs, classes, and a job! I must admit I was taking pretty easy general education classes but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard work!


I told yall it was difficult with the last layout and I get bored easily, so before we got too used to the old layout D and I changed it up again! This is our current layout and I personally like this one the best because our beds are half lofted so we have all of our stuff under the beds and I don’t have to climb in and out of bed every night and every morning, that was so annoying after a while. This layout worked for the both of us.


Soon enough it was Sibs and Kids Weekend and my sister an brother in law drove up to Ohio to come and visit along with my mom! We had TONS of fun that whole weekend hanging out and seeing campus and doing lots of activities and stuff that the campus had planned for us. It was good having my sister and brother in law in town on my campus!


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At this point I have started my new job as a cheerleading instructor/coach for level 1-3 tumbling and rec prep level cheerleading teams! I will running a half season program as the administrative side as well as coaching a few of the teams at BCE. I am very excited for this opportunity because I am no longer age eligible to actually cheer myself anymore and now I get to transfer into coaching! The other great thing about this position is that it is close to campus. A fun fact about the gym is it used to be connected with my old gym so they used to be one big gym and then they split into 2 separate in different locations so there is still a little piece of NEO down in Columbus and a little bit of BCE up in Canton.

After sibs and kids weekend the rest of the year FLEW by. Soon it was our end of the year party for the OA’s (which I missed because I was at Worlds) and I won the superlative for Most Spirited, duh! And we got these cute picture frames with everyone’s picture in it and everyone signed the back with a cute and personal message. I’ll miss this staff so much!!

And here we are today! La’Tasia has moved out and I have started packing up my stuff (and taking over her side of the room with all of my junk). My cute little dorm is now boring and drab. Siebert was definitely good to me. It is an awesome starter dorm for freshman and in such a great location on campus with wonderful staff. I will miss it here!


Siebert was kind enough to take a picture of our Block O light up during Ohio State Michigan week and frame it and let everyone sign it. It will be hung up in the lobby for future Siebert residents to look at and I love it!


This is me currently, sitting in my empty room after moving all of my stuff out and cleaning out the dorm. It is such a sad but happy picture! I’m sad to say goodbye to Siebert because it was such a great first year dorm with great staff and programs for first year students, but I am excited to move to a different building next year and start a new chapter in my book of college.



I wanted to also share a transformation for yall of myself before I moved in and now. I mean they’re not greta pictures, but whatever. I took the left one the day before I moved in and the right one during sibs and kids weekend. My hair has gotten longer and my makeup skills have gotten better, but other than that I don’t see much of a difference on my outward appearance. I can however see a HUGE difference in my inward appearance, my personality, my character, everything inside of me that makes me me. I have changed tremendously, in a good way. I have grown and matured. I can’t wait to see more changes that come my way in the next few years.

It has been fun to look back at all of my memories of freshman year and reflect on the year I’ve had. I have kept an old Victoria’s Secret bag in my room that I put a whole bunch of stuff in like a memory box that I will be going through when I get home and putting everything into a photo album with pictures I’ve taken to remember this year in paper form that I can flip through and touch.


But now, I want to actually reflect on all these experiences that I had this year. I have learned a lot about myself throughout my first year. I have learned more about myself than I probably did in my classes. Sharing a tiny room with my best friend had its ups and it’s inevitable downs because it is hard to share a tiny room meant to be a closet between 2 people with different personalities, cleaning habits, and so much stuff. But we made it work!

I have been “on my own” for 9 months (I put on my own in quotation marks because I really wasn’t but I was, in a way) and I have learned how to regulate myself better, create schedules for myself that were made by me for me, I was able to make my own rules and do whatever I wanted (although I didn’t go crazy). It was a great learning experience. Although my mother never had to sit me down and tell me to study, because I just love school already, I did have to tell myself that I need to sit down ad study instead of watch Netflix or go to this event etc. and it was hard. You have to have a lot of self discipline, which I am grateful I posses through the teachings of my parents and through cheerleading. This year has been filled with opportunities for me to grow and learn. I try to take advantage of every single one because they are all great and are just laying in front of me here at OSU. I couldn’t explain to yall how blessed I am to be able to go to such a great school with such great people. I can’t wait for next year!

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