DIY Jewelry Display

Hey yall!

So, the other week my jewelry holder that I made at the beginning of the school year broke. I know, it’s sad. I kept it on top of our micro-fridge in our dorm, which is at the end of my roommates bed, and while she was sleeping she pushed all her pillows to the end and they fell through the bars on her bed and onto our micro-fridge and knocked over my jewelry holder and it fell and shattered. Ugh.

Here is my first one. I used spray paint and glitter to decorate my plates to match my pink dorm room.


The only good thing that came of this is that now I can make a new and improved one. AND I get to show yall how to make one yourself.

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Make your own sophisticated and chic jewelry display for under $10!


  • 1 plate
  • 1 candle stick holder
  • 1 bowl
  • jewelry
  • glue


1. Layout all of your jewelry to see how big of a jewelry display you’re going to need. This jewelry display has tiers, and with more jewelry you need more tiers. So decide now how big your display needs to be. (Mine will be 2 tiers).


2. Go to your local dollar store and look around their plate, cup, and bowl section and pick out some items that fit your style and size of display. Grab a candlestick holder as well. You’ll need 1 candlestick holder for every tier you make.

I’m going with a basic 2 tier look with a large plate on the bottom followed by a deep bowl on top. There are many different ways to create this display, so get creative!

3. Stop by your local craft store to get some glue. I used E6000 from JoAnn Fabrics.


Option Step: You can pick up some spray paint from your local craft store as well if you would like to decorate your plates and bowls to better match a theme you would like.

4. Take your candlestick holder and apply glue to the bottom edges and stick it to the tier that would go above it. (it is easier to work your way down than work your way up). 

5. Now apply glue to the other end of the candlestick holder and place it to your bottom tier.

6. Let your jewelry display dry for 24 hours before using it for best results.

The End Results

I found a big white plate with a gold rim already and I loved it so I decided not to spray paint it. I also found a fancy shaped bowl that wasn’t 100% round but more square shaped with rounded edges that I liked. As of right now, I don’t have a top plate because I want to get a small plate with a cute quote on it, like the one I had on my other display. I found a little pot at the dollar store that I decided to spray paint gold to add an accent to my display to hold my rings.

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I keep my bracelets on the bottom with some of my rings. I keep my stub earrings in the miniature plant pot that I spray painted gold and added glitter to. On the top I keep the jewelry DePree has gotten me so it is all together. And along the edges I have my dangly earrings so they they’re hanging on the side of the bowl.


This project is simple, cheap, and beautiful! It is totally customizable to your needs. You could have had a really long rectangular plate on the bottom with 2 candlesticks at each end holding up 2 separate small plates or bowls and then a candlestick inside of each of those bowls with another long rectangular plate to top it. That’s my next plan, if this one breaks too.

Show me how yours turned out down below to tag me in your pictures on Instagram @MyDriftingDesk + use our hashtag #ConquerCollege


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